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  *灭* | 灭* | *灭
to extinguish or put out / to go out (of a fire etc) / to exterminate or wipe out / to drown
to extinguish a fire / firefighting
to be destroyed / to become extinct / to perish / to die out / to destroy / to exterminate
to extinguish / to become extinct / to die out
to sterilize
fire extinguisher
loss (of sth through natural disaster, theft etc) (law)
to exterminate an entire family
to eliminate / to kill off
to kill sb to prevent them from divulging a secret / to silence sb
to eliminate
muffler (of an internal combustion engine)
extermination of an entire family (ancient Chinese punishment)
to commit genocide / to become extinct / extinction of a race
to be devoid of all humanity / inhuman / bestial
to be drowned (figurative and literal)
rat poison
to extinguish worries and the sea of grief / nirvana (Buddhism)
bephenium, anti-parasitic worm medicine
to clear stubble from fields (agriculture)
lit. not to have breakfast until the enemy is destroyed / anxious to do battle (idiom)

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