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  *潘* | 潘* | *潘
surname Pan / Pan, faun in Greek mythology, son of Hermes
Panji district of Huainan city 淮南市, Anhui
Pan Jinlian (name lit. Golden Lotus), heroine of Ming dynasty vernacular novel Jinpingmei or the Golden Lotus 金瓶梅
Pan Yue (247-300), later known as 潘安, famous handsome and elegant writer from the Western Jin dynasty
Ban Ki Moon (1944-), Korean diplomat, UN secretary-general from 2006
Panji district of Huainan city 淮南市, Anhui
Pantanal (wetland area in Brazil)
a Pandora's box
punch (drink) (loanword)
Pantone color system
Pence (surname)
see 潘岳
Pantene (hair products brand)
Pentax (brand name)

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