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  *满* | 满* | *满
Manchu ethnic group
  *满* | 满* | *满
to fill / full / filled / packed / fully / completely / quite / to reach the limit / to satisfy / satisfied / contented
to satisfy / to meet (the needs of) / satisfied / content
satisfied / pleased / to one's satisfaction
full marks
full / closely packed
full moon / whole month / baby's one-month old birthday
whole sky
across one's whole face / (smiling) from ear to ear
across one's whole face
Manchu ethnic group of Liaoning province
to have one's heart filled with / (to collide) full on / (of farm animals) heavy with young
Baby's Breath / Gypsophila paniculata
Manzhouli county level city, Mongolian Manzhuur xot, in Hulunbuir 呼倫貝爾|呼伦贝尔, Inner Mongolia
full to capacity / fully loaded
to win every trick in a card game / grand slam / fig. total success
whole audience / a sellout (capacity audience) / jam-packed
Mancheng county in Baoding 保定, Hebei
covered all over
one's whole heart / from the bottom of one's heart
(of tears etc) filling the eyes / (of scenery etc) filling one's field of view
a full mouth of (sth physical) / to have the mouth exclusively filled with (a certain language, lies, promises, etc)
to rush around everywhere / always active
Man Jiang Hong (Chinese poems)
fills the eyes (of a beautiful view, scene of desolation etc)
one's heart filled with / full of (joy)
Manzhouli county level city, Mongolian Manzhuur xot, in Hulunbuir 呼倫貝爾|呼伦贝尔, Inner Mongolia
sense of satisfaction
a full mouth of (sth physical) / to have the mouth exclusively filled with (a certain language, lies, promises, etc) / (to agree etc) unreservedly
brow beaded with sweat / perspiring freely
the full amount / to fulfill the quota
the Manchu Han imperial feast, a legendary banquet in the Qing dynasty / (fig.) a sumptuous banquet
to return from a rewarding journey
Manchurian Qing (refers to the Qing dynasty, esp. at its decline, or as an anti-Qing slogan)
fully booked / every seat taken
full complement / at full strength / no vacancies
success across the board / victory in everything one touches
to be full to overflowing / to be brimming over with
filled with / preoccupied with
Mancheng county in Baoding 保定, Hebei
everywhere / across the world
Manchurian-Chinese (relations)
the whole family
Manchou township in Pingtung County 屏東縣|屏东县, Taiwan
not in the least concerned (idiom) / reckless / couldn't give a damn about it / unperturbed / couldn't care less / harum scarum
Manchurian written language
to fall due / to come to the end of a term / to expire
a Manchu
everyone present applauds / universal acclaim / a standing ovation / to bring the house down
brim full / completely packed
full working hours / full marks / perfect score / (fig.) (after a attribute) couldn't be more (happy, romantic etc)
everything in the garden is lovely
Curse of the Golden Flower (2007), period drama movie by Zhang Yimou
lit. whole sky, a multitude of stars
full of political wisdom (idiom) / politically astute / with encyclopedic experience of state policy
under full sail / going as fast as possible
Manchurian language
covering the whole land / over hills and dales
cramming (as a teaching method) / rote learning
full up
lit. wind and rain through the town (idiom); fig. a big scandal / an uproar / the talk of the town
at the end of the mourning period / to fulfill one's filial duties of mourning
beaming / radiant with happiness
full of enthusiasm
to readily consent
a plateful / comprehensive / the full works (e.g. a banquet) / the full price
taking everything into account (idiom) / when all is said and done
(idiom) to have a glib tongue / to talk big
to be looking for one's teeth all over the floor / (fig.) to get beaten up badly / to beat the crap out of (sb)
to execute the whole family and confiscate their property
(idiom) complacency leads to loss, modesty brings profit / pride comes before a fall
lit. belly full of complaints (idiom) / discontent / always moaning and complaining
on full rudder / turning as sharply as possible
surjective map (math.)
to pour out lies
to pour out obscenities / filthy mouthed
totally inconsistent / completely at odds
Manchurian Qing government
brim full / completely packed
to talk bullshit
all smiles / beaming from ear to ear
to spout nonsense / to bullshit endlessly
lit. to fill one's eyes with glittering jewels / a literary masterpiece or sb of extraordinary talent (idiom)
high tide / high water
everywhere / all over the place
to have a clearcut idea / to have firm guidelines / to have confidence / to be sure / to be certain
(idiom) all over the place / in every nook and cranny / packed to the rafters
ample / extremely abundant
to promise readily
to finish apprenticeship / to graduate
the whole audience silent with expectation
Ming Dynasty name for modern day Malacca / see also 馬六甲|马六甲
bases loaded (in baseball)
mouth full of literary phrases / to spout the classics
altogether / in all
to praise profusely

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