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  *溜* | 溜* | *溜
to slip away / to escape in stealth / to skate
ice skating / (slang) to do meth
to slip away / to leave secretly
to stroll / to go for a walk
to steal away / to beat it
sluice / chute
perfectly round
to smooth whiskers and pat a horse's bottom (idiom); to use flatter to get what one wants / to toady / boot-licking
  *溜* | 溜* | *溜
used in 冰溜
(coll.) to slink off
roller blading (sport)
to keep to the edge (of path, river etc) / fig. to keep out of trouble / to avoid getting involved
ice rink / skating rink
skating shoes / ice skates / roller skates / roller blades
yo-yo (loanword)
zip line
sloping shoulders / irresponsible / work-shy
to flatter obsequiously / toady
to keep to the edge (of path, river etc) / (fig.) to keep out of trouble; to avoid getting involved

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