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court of law / court
legal person / corporation / see also 自然人
  *法* | 法* | *法
variant of
  *法* | 法* | *法
France / French / abbr. for 法國|法国 / Taiwan pr. [Fa4]
  *法* | 法* | *法
law / method / way / to emulate / (Buddhism) dharma / (abbr. for 法家) the Legalists / (physics) farad (abbr. for 法拉)
  *法* | 法* | *法
old variant of / law
legislation / statute
France / French
rule of law / to rule by law
law / legal studies
law / rule / code
one who has mastered the sutras (Buddhism)
legal / statutory / rightful
legal responsibility / liability
law school
legal system and institutions
made in France
flange (loanword)
French (language)
court of law
forensic investigator / forensic detective
French style
rule / method / model
(law) legal representative of a corporation (e.g. chairman of the board of a company, principal of a school etc)
Buddha's teaching / Buddhist monk's apparel, staff etc / (Daoism) magic weapon / talisman / fig. specially effective device / magic wand
judge (in court)
French Open (tennis tournament)
the net of justice / rigorous process of the law / the long arm of the law
Frankfurt (Germany)
fascist (loanword)
Legal Evening News, a Beijing-based legal affairs newspaper launched in 2004 and shut down in 2019
bill / proposed law
gate to enlightment (Buddhism) / Buddhism / way / method / (old) south gate of a palace
French language
franc / CL: 個|个
French Guiana
flannel (loanword) / Taiwan pr. [fa4 lan2 rong2]
pharaoh (loanword)
law and order / rules and discipline
normal line to a surface
Faku county in Shenyang 瀋陽|沈阳, Liaoning
French Revolution (1789-1799)
Legal Daily, newspaper published by PRC Ministry of Justice
name in religion (of Buddhist or Daoist within monastery)
Legalist School of the Warring States Period (475-221 BC) founded by Han Fei 韓非|韩非 and Li Si 李斯, later adopted by Shang Yang 商鞅 whose reforms helped establish the supremacy of the Qin Dynasty 秦代 (221-207 BC)
legislation / constructing legal institutions
Frenchman / French person
Air France
magic power
legal principle / jurisprudence
decree / ordinance
fiat currency
legal force (i.e. binding in law)
normal vector
Air France
court ruling
French army
Fahai, name of the evil Buddhist monk in Tale of the White Snake 白蛇傳
Faku county in Shenyang 瀋陽|沈阳, Liaoning
the Eternal Wheel of life in Buddhism
legal code / statute
variant of 砝碼|砝码
plane tree (Platanus x acerifolia)
way / method / Taiwan pr. [fa2 zi5]
the Franks (Germanic people who arrived in Europe from 600 AD and took over France)
execution ground
Legislative Affairs Office, LAO (PRC)
French Polynesia
The Lotus Sutra
Faroe Islands
Fatimah (name)
jurist / member of the pre-Han legalist school
Doctor of Laws / Legum Doctor
Falun Gong (Chinese spiritual movement founded in 1992, regarded as a cult by the PRC government)
another name for 法輪功|法轮功
nasolabial fold / smile lines / laugh lines
legal sanction / prescribed punishment / punishable by law
law and government / law and politics
the Frankfurt Motor Show
Fabi, first currency issued by the 國民黨|国民党 in 1935, in use until 1948
way / method / means / Taiwan pr. [fa1 r5]
to bring to justice / to punish according to the law
Flanders, region (state) of Belgium 比利時|比利时
person who has no understanding of legal matters
Frankfurt School
Francis (name)
baguette (bread)
(a) law
discerning eye
France (phonetic transliteration)
Farouk of Egypt (1920-1965), king of Egypt 1936-1952

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