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court of law / court
legal person / corporation / see also 自然人
  *法* | 法* | *法
variant of
  *法* | 法* | *法
France / French / abbr. for 法國|法国 / Taiwan pr. [Fa4]
  *法* | 法* | *法
law / method / way / to emulate / (Buddhism) dharma / (abbr. for 法家) the Legalists / (physics) farad (abbr. for 法拉)
  *法* | 法* | *法
old variant of / law
France / French
legislation / statute
statutory; law-based; legal
decree; ordinance
French (language)
legal code / statute
rule of law / to rule by law
law / legal studies
legal system and institutions
made in France
one who has mastered the sutras (Buddhism)
forensic investigator / forensic detective
law / rule / code
French style
rule / method / model
way / method / Taiwan pr. [fa2 zi5]
French language
flange (loanword)
bill / proposed law
judge (in court)
law and government / law and politics
Buddha's teaching / Buddhist monk's apparel, staff etc / (Daoism) magic weapon / talisman / fig. specially effective device / magic wand
Frankfurt (Germany)
French Open (tennis tournament)
the net of justice / rigorous process of the law / the long arm of the law
Francis Bacon (1561-1626), English Renaissance philosopher and early scientist
franc / CL: 個|个
legal principle / jurisprudence
person who has no understanding of legal matters
magic power
gate to enlightment (Buddhism) / Buddhism / way / method / (old) south gate of a palace
pharaoh (loanword)
Hōryūji, complex of Buddhist temples near Nara 奈良, Japan, dating back to the Asuka period 飛鳥時代|飞鸟时代 (c. 600)
fascist (loanword)
outside the law / beyond the law / extrajudicial
Fahai, name of the evil Buddhist monk in Tale of the White Snake 白蛇傳|白蛇传
Legalist School of the Warring States Period (475-221 BC) founded by Han Fei 韓非|韩非 and Li Si 李斯, which influenced Shang Yang 商鞅, whose reforms strengthened the Qin state 秦國|秦国, eventually enabling it to conquer rival states and unify China under the Qin dynasty 秦朝
discerning eye
Fabi, first currency issued by the 國民黨|国民党 in 1935, in use until 1948
the Eternal Wheel of life in Buddhism
name in religion (of Buddhist or Daoist within monastery)
law and order / rules and discipline
variant of 砝碼|砝码
name in religion (of Buddhist or Daoist within monastery) / same as 法號|法号
way / method / means / Taiwan pr. [fa1 r5]
Fatimah (name)
normal line to a surface
execution ground
the Franks (Germanic people who arrived in Europe from 600 AD and took over France)
(a) law
Air France
to bring to justice / to punish according to the law
Flanders, region (state) of Belgium 比利時|比利时
(Buddhist) religious assembly
robe of a Buddhist priest / ceremonial garment of a Daoist priest / robe of a judge, nun, priest etc / cassock / vestment
court of law
religious ceremony / ritual
France (phonetic transliteration)
Fatah, Palestinian organization
Stade de France
King Fahd of Saudi Arabia
see 法衣
Famagusta (Ammochostos), Cyprus
French Revolution (1789-1799)
legal responsibility / liability
flannel (loanword) / Taiwan pr. [fa4 lan2 rong2]
Origin of Dharma (in Buddhism) / source of the law
interests protected by law
law school
Flushing Chinatown, a predominantly Chinese and Korean neighborhood of Queens, New York City
Fayuan or Source of the Law temple in Beijing
variant of 砝碼|砝码
the seat of the Law, on which the one who explains the doctrine is seated (Buddhism)
Faroe Islands
normal vector
"legal quotient" (LQ), a measure of one's awareness and knowledge of the law and one's standard of honorable conduct
Doctor of Laws / Legum Doctor
Agence France Presse / AFP news agency
nasolabial fold / smile lines / laugh lines
fuck (loanword)
Legal Daily, newspaper published by PRC Ministry of Justice
Legal Evening News, a Beijing-based legal affairs newspaper launched in 2004 and shut down in 2019
Legislative Affairs Office, LAO (PRC)
Perez (son of Judah)
normal force (physics)
Frenchman / French person

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