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to treat (an illness) / medical treatment / therapy
to govern / to administer / to manage / to control / governance
law and order / public security
  *治* | 治* | *治
to rule / to govern / to manage / to control / to harness (a river) / to treat (a disease) / to wipe out (a pest) / to punish / to research
under the jurisdiction of
to treat an illness
to cure
to rule a country
to take radical measures / to get to the root (of a problem etc)
to treat only the symptoms but not the root cause
to punish sb (for a crime)
to treat the disease to save the patient / to criticize a person in order to help him
scholarship / high-level study / to do scholarly research / to pursue a high level of study
to get angry
to organize and carry out a funeral
running of armed forces / military management / to govern armed forces / to direct troops
to put to death
to manage state affairs / to govern the country
Zhidoi County (Tibetan: 'bri stod rdzong) in Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture 玉樹藏族自治州|玉树藏族自治州, Qinghai
expenses for 治裝|治装
to prepare necessities (chiefly clothes) for a journey abroad
law enforcement and protection of the public (as provided in the PRC by local security committees 治保會|治保会)
anti-inflammatory (medicine)
diplomatic immunity / (history) extraterritoriality, the rights (under unequal treaties) of a foreigner to live in China outside Chinese jurisdiction
ruling a large nation is like cooking a small delicacy (idiom) / effective government requires minimal intervention
to eliminate backward (unscientific) ways of thinking
to cure
Zhidoi County (Tibetan: 'bri stod rdzong) in Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture 玉樹藏族自治州|玉树藏族自治州, Qinghai
lit. try to straighten out silk threads only to tangle them further (idiom) / fig. to try to help but end up making things worse
to treat the symptoms but not the root cause
preventative treatment (medicine)

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