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sofa (loanword) / CL: 條|条, 張|张 / (Internet slang) the first reply or replier to a forum post
desert / CL: 個|个
beach / sandy shore / CL:
Saudi / abbr. for Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia
Shayang county in Jingmen 荊門|荆门, Hubei
  *沙* | 沙* | *沙
surname Sha
  *沙* | 沙* | *沙
granule / hoarse / raspy / sand / powder / CL: / abbr. for Tsar or Tsarist Russia
sandpit / battleground / battlefield
Shahe, county-level city in Xingtai 邢台, Hebei
Sha Tin town in New Territories, Hong Kong
Shayar nahiyisi (Shaya county) in Aksu 阿克蘇地區|阿克苏地区, west Xinjiang
Shawan district of Leshan city 樂山市|乐山市, Sichuan / Shawan county or Saven nahisi in Tacheng prefecture 塔城地區|塔城地区, Xinjiang
grains of sand
sand / grit / CL: ,
Shapingba district of central Chongqing municipality, formerly in Sichuan
sarin (loanword)
sand table (military) / 3D terrain (or site) model (for real estate marketing, geography class etc) / sand tray (on which to write characters)
grain of sand
sirloin (loanword)
sand and stones
sandbank / sandbar
hourglass / sand filter
ladybell root (Radix adenophorae)
Shashi district of Jingzhou city 荊州市|荆州市, Hubei
airborne sand and dust
sandy beach or river bank / sand dune / sandy land
Sha Tau Kok (town in Hong Kong)
Sha county in Sanming 三明, Fujian
monk (Sanskrit: Sramana, originally refers to north India) / Buddhist monk
novice Buddhist monk
sandy soil
sand and dust storm
czar (loanword)
Shapo district of Zhongwei city 中衛市|中卫市, Ningxia
Shaquille O'Neal (1972-), former NBA star
Saybagh district (Uighur: Saybagh Rayoni) of Urumqi city 烏魯木齊市|乌鲁木齐市, Xinjiang
satay (spicy peanut sauce), also spelled sate
sandbox / jumping pit (athletics) / sand trap, bunker (golf)
sachima, sweet (Manchu) pastry made of fried strips of dough coated with syrup, pressed together, then cut into blocks
Chinese shar-pei (dog breed)
Sha Wujing
sardine (loanword)
Tsarist Russia / abbr. for 沙皇俄國|沙皇俄国
salad (loanword)
Saudi Arabia (Tw)
Chinese pearleaf crabapple (Malus asiatica)
variant of 砂鍋|砂锅
(literary) desert / sandy shore
hoarse / rough
sand dune / sandy hill
variant of 砂糖
satay sauce
genus Nereis, with species including the sandworm and the clam worm
Sana'a, capital of Yemen (Tw)
salad (loanword)
sarsaparilla / root beer / SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) (loanword)
Sabah, state of Malaysia in north Borneo 婆羅洲|婆罗洲
beach volleyball
to plan a military mission on a sand table (idiom) / to rehearse a planned action or activity / to conduct a dry run
(bird species of China) isabelline wheatear (Oenanthe isabellina)
salbutamol (a beta 2 agonist used in treating asthma) / also known as albuterol, proventil and ventolin
(bird species of China) sandhill crane (Grus canadensis)
Saybagh district (Uighur: Saybagh Rayoni) of Urumqi city 烏魯木齊市|乌鲁木齐市, Xinjiang
sauce (loanword)
Sha Wujing
sandbag / variant of 砂囊
sand wedge (golf)
Shapo district of Zhongwei city 中衛市|中卫市, Ningxia
Shapingba District of Chongqing 重慶|重庆
a sandbank / a sand bar
Sharm el-Sheikh, city in Egypt
shawarma, Middle Eastern sandwich wrap (loanword)
"Sha Family's Creek", a Beijing opera classified as model theater 樣板戲|样板戏
sergeant (loanword)
Shashi district of Jingzhou city 荊州市|荆州市, Hubei
Sha Wujing
Sarawak, state of Malaysia in northwest Borneo 婆羅洲|婆罗洲
sirloin steak
genus Hippophae / sea-buckthorns
sandpit (for children's play or for long jump etc) / sandbox
Shahekou district of Dalian 大連市|大连市, Liaoning
Shahe, county-level city in Xingtai 邢台, Hebei
Persian Safavid Dynasty 1501-1722

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