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  *比* | 比* | *比
to compare / (followed by a noun and adjective) more {adj.} than {noun} / ratio / to gesture / (Taiwan pr. [bi4] in some compounds derived from Classical Chinese)
to compare / to contrast / comparatively / relatively / quite / comparison
competition (sports etc) / match / CL: 場|场, / to compete
for example / for instance / such as
proportion / scale
proportion / specific gravity
to compare / to liken to / metaphor / analogy / figure of speech / figuratively
analogy / instance / for instance
  *比* | 比* | *比
Belgium / Belgian / abbr. for 比利時|比利时
  *比* | 比* | *比
euphemistic variant of
price relations / parity / rate of exchange
bit (binary digit) (loanword)
Bitcoin (cryptocurrency)
comparison / to verify by comparing
bikini (loanword)
ratio / rate / percentage
to have a competition / to measure with one's hand or arm / to make a gesture of measuring
Bia, daughter of Pallas and Styx in Greek mythology, personification of violence
for example
according to / in the light of / contrast
Bill (name)
to liken to / to compare to
to compete fiercely / contest
Pelé (1940-), Edson Arantes Do Nascimento, Brazilian football star
compared with
Pisa, town in Toscana, Italy
pizza (loanword)
can't compare with
to compare / to draw a parallel / to match / analogy / metaphor / comparison
BYD Company (company name)
cannot compare to / to be no match for
martial arts competition / tournament / to compete in a contest
stadium / playing field for a competition
for example / for instance
to gesture / to gesticulate / to practice the moves of a martial art by imitating the teacher / to fight / to come to blows
specific volume
Bill Gates (1955-), co-founder of Microsoft
(Internet slang) to form a hand heart using one's thumb and forefinger (or by using both hands)
sporting event / item on program of sports competition
flatfish / flounder
Bissau, capital of Guinea-Bissau (Tw)
peso (currency in Latin America) (loanword)
to defeat / to be superior to
can be found everywhere
neighbor / next-door neighbor / near / next to
specific value / ratio
lately / recently
specific humidity
to give a thumbs-up
Bienne, Switzerland
to make a comparison / to engage in a contest
pit bull (loanword)
lit. even harder than reaching the sky (idiom) / fig. extremely difficult / far from an easy task
to liken to / to compare to
Buddhist monk (loanword from Sanskrit "bhiksu")
(literary) when / by the time / Taiwan pr. [bi4 ji2]
to gesticulate / to make lively gestures (while talking) / also written 比手劃腳|比手划脚
comparatively speaking
specific heat
Bi Gan (Chinese god of wealth)
pizza (loanword) / CL: 張|张
(flying) wing to wing
Bizet (name) / Georges Bizet (1838-1875), French musician, composer of opera Carmen
to measure roughly (with the hand, a stick, string etc)
to gesticulate / to make lively gestures (while talking) / also written 比手畫腳|比手画脚
variant of 比劃|比划
Leaning Tower of Pisa
BYD Auto, PRC car company
lit. a pair of birds flying close together (idiom) / fig. two hearts beating as one / name of a sweet and sour chicken wing dish
colorimetric analysis
comparative literature
to be shoulder to shoulder / to be on an equal level with / Taiwan pr. [bi4 jian1]
Pyrenees mountains
Bissau, capital of Guinea-Bissau
to compare two unsatisfactory things / to argue that others have similar or worse faults (as a response to criticism) / whataboutery
Buddhist nun (loanword from Sanskrit "bhiksuni")
(literary) every year / year after year / in recent years / Taiwan pr. [bi4 nian2]
Bishkek, capital of Kyrgyzstan
Bielefeld (city in Germany)
comparative analysis
Beverly Hills
to liken to / to compare to
to draw a parallel
Bilbo Baggins, hero of Tolkien's The Hobbit 霍比特人
Bihar, state in eastern India
Pretoria, capital of South Africa
yield-to-weight ratio (of a nuclear weapon)
to fly wing to wing (idiom) / two hearts beating as one / (of a couple) inseparable
stroke play (golf)
Pyrenees mountains
Biru county, Tibetan: 'Bri ru rdzong, in Nagchu prefecture 那曲地區|那曲地区, central Tibet
Bay of Biscay
scale / architect's scale / engineer's scale
arm wrestling (Tw)
Białystok, city in Poland
(surname) Bittner or Büttner
Bikini atoll, French nuclear test site in South Pacific
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