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  *止* | 止* | *止
to stop / to prohibit / until / only
limit / boundary / end
to halt / to stop / to go no farther
to suppress coughing
(finance) stop-loss / to sell a security in response to its price dropping to one's stop-loss point 止損點|止损点
cough suppressant syrup / cough mixture
to relieve pain / to stop pain / analgesic
painkiller / analgesic / anodyne
to staunch (bleeding) / hemostatic (drug)
(finance) stop-loss point (price at which one resolves to sell a security at a loss in order to avoid the possibility of having to sell later at an even lower price)
an analgesic / pain killer
to cease / to end
painkiller / analgesic
stop-loss order (finance)
Band-Aid / plaster
method of relieving pain
dressing / pad to stop bleeding
plug to stop bleeding / tampon (medicine)
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