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  *树* | 树* | *树
tree / CL: / to cultivate / to set up
to set up / to establish
tree leaves
Shulin city in New Taipei City 新北市, Taiwan
woods / grove / forest
branch / twig
bramble / raspberry
tree species
Raspberry Pi (computing)
tree trunk
tree bark
shade of a tree
tree roots
sloth (zoology)
the tip of a tree / treetop
lit. a tall tree attracts the wind (idiom) / fig. a famous or rich person attracts criticism
thicket / undergrowth
tree resin / gum
tree stump
dendrite (branched projection of a neuron)
to antagonize people / to make an enemy of sb
dendritic cell
ice (rime) formed on a tree
shade (of a tree)
jaboticaba / Brazilian grape tree
lit. the trees long for peace but the wind will never cease (idiom) / fig. the world changes, whether you want it or not
tree sap
When the tree topples the monkeys scatter. (idiom); fig. an opportunist abandons an unfavorable cause / Rats leave a sinking ship.
burial of cremated remains at the foot of a tree
arboreal / tree-dwelling
tree trunk
lit. to erect a stele and write a biography (idiom) / to monumentalize / to glorify / to sing the praises of
tree frog
to deck the tree with false blossoms / to make something of no value appear valuable (idiom)
Shulin city in New Taipei City 新北市, Taiwan
(bird species of China) Eurasian tree sparrow (Passer montanus)
lit. if moved to a new location, a tree will die, but a person will live (idiom) / fig. human beings, unlike trees, thrive on change
wood jade (type of petrified wood)
dendritic cell
sloth (family Bradypodidae)
dendrite (crystallography)
(bird species of China) olive-backed pipit (Anthus hodgsoni)
fig. a tree may grow a thousand zhang high, but its leaves return to their roots (proverb) / fig. everything has its ancestral home / in old age, an expatriate returns home

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