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  *棄* | 棄* | *棄
to abandon / to relinquish / to discard / to throw away
to abstain from voting / to forfeit / to waive one's right to vote / to abdicate
to throw away / to discard
to abandon an infant / abandoned baby
to give up defending / to yield / to surrender
to abandon / to forsake
to renounce the dark and seek the light / to give up one's wrong way of life and turn to a better one
to jump bail
to abandon / to give up
to abandon ship
public execution (old)
to quit watching a TV series
to leave this world / to die
to renounce evil and turn to virtue (idiom)
to renounce nuclear weapons
to toss away like a pair of worn-out shoes (idiom)
to turn over a new leaf
abandoned baby
to throw away like worn out shoes
to give up evil and return to virtue
(literary) to choose between rejecting and accepting
to abandon farming and become a businessman (idiom)
to stop using / to abandon / abandoned / deprecated
to abrogate an agreement / to break one's oath (idiom)

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