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(an official) standard / norm / criterion / CL: 個|个
label / tag / tab (of a window) (computing)
title / heading / headline / caption / subject
  *标* | 标* | *标
mark / sign / label / to mark with a symbol, label, lettering etc / to bear (a brand name, registration number etc) / prize / award / bid / target / quota / (old) the topmost branches of a tree / visible symptom / classifier for military units
sign / mark / symbol / logo / to symbolize / to indicate / to mark
variant of 標誌|标志
sign / mark / symbol / to mark up / (computing) token
to mark out / to tag / to put a sign on sth explaining or calling attention to / to annotate (e.g. a character with its pinyin)
target / aim / objective / what one hopes to gain
beautiful (of woman) / pretty
written slogan / placard / CL: , 張|张, 條|条
label / tag / sign / (brass etc) inscribed plate
standard definition (TV or video image quality)
surveyor's pole / post (used for a landmark) / CL: / (fig.) goal / model / benchmark
to mark the price / marked price
to indicate
to mark / to indicate
specimen / sample / the root cause and symptoms of a disease
punctuation / a punctuation mark / to punctuate / CL: 個|个
standard conditions for temperature and pressure
parade guards (usually spaced out along parade routes) / example / model / pacesetter
bid or tender submission or delivery / bid or tender document
punctuation / a punctuation mark
"sensational headline writers", people who write misleading titles in order to generate clicks from Internet users / clickbait
(statistics) standard deviation
elevation / level
to stake out (the boundaries of a property etc) / to demarcate / (engineering etc) to calibrate
surveyor's rod / staff / staff gauge / rear sight
tab (of a browser window)
title bar (of a window) (computing)
Standard and Poor (share index) / abbr. for 標準普爾|标准普尔
nominal (e.g. nominal value in specification)
grid lines / graticule
standard language
scalar quantity
standard conditions for temperature and pressure
abbr. for 標準間|标准间, standard (hotel) room
to flaunt / to advertise / to parade / boost / excessive praise
standard (hotel) room / two-person room of standard size and amenities / abbr. to 标间
standards organization / standards body
standard time
standard / norm
base number (of a tender) / starting price (for auction)
marker brick (in building) / keystone
to make a show of being original or unconventional (idiom)
style / character
headline news / title story
Standard and Poor's (S&P), company specializing in financial market ratings / S&P financial index
plot of land
to win (sth) in a bid
mark on map or chart
distance marker / pole marking distance on racetrack
a coordinate frame
to sell by tender
(marking) stake
par (golf)
benchmark / pole serving as mark or symbol / pole with a trophy hung on it
to bring in the new (idiom); new directions, different creation
standard gold bar / deposit when submitting a tender
standard pronunciation / standard tone (e.g. A = 440 Hz)
to plot (on a chart) / to mark
Standard Model (of particle physics)
beacon light / beacon
phonetic transcription / system of representing spoken sounds
private loan association where money is allocated through bidding / meeting of such an association / to win the bidding at such a meeting
banner / standard / variant of 標誌|标志
official portrait
to start on sth new and different (idiom); to display originality
to sell at marked price / to sell by tender
to demarcate a boundary / dividing line
title word / entry (in dictionary)
spider beetle
to start on sth new and different (idiom); to display originality
nominal weapon

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