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  *杯* | 杯* | *杯
cup / trophy cup / classifier for certain containers of liquids: glass, cup
  *杯* | 杯* | *杯
variant of
  *杯* | 杯* | *杯
variant of / trophy cup / classifier for certain containers of liquids: glass, cup
cup / glass / CL: 個|个, 隻|只
(beverage) coaster
cup / (slang) (pun on 悲劇|悲剧, tragedy) so bad / terrible / bummer / fiasco / debacle
lit. a cup of water on a burning cart of firewood (idiom); fig. an utterly inadequate measure
lit. to see a bow reflected in a cup as a snake (idiom); fig. unnecessary suspicions / overly fearful
to dismiss military hierarchy using wine cups / cf Song founding Emperor Song Taizu 宋太祖 holds a banquet in 961 and persuades his senior army commanders to go home to their provinces
a saucer
to boycott (loanword)
a few drinks and a nice conversation (idiom)
cups and dishes in complete disorder (idiom); after a riotous drinking party
the contents of the cup / (fig.) liquor / wine
see 杯珓
pair of mussel-shaped objects thrown on the ground for divination purposes
a wine cup dissolves complaints (idiom); a few drinks can ease social interaction

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