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  *末* | 末* | *末
tip / end / final stage / latter part / inessential detail / powder / dust / opera role of old man
Judgment Day (in Christian eschatology)
last day / end / final days / doomsday
last page
last phase (of an age)
end / tip / extremity
final generation
tip / extremity
last bus or train / last chance
end (of a period) / last part / final phase
the final years (of a regime)
inessentials / minor detail
end of the road / final road / fig. dead end / impasse
tip / end / last few days
The Last Emperor, 1987 biopic of Pu Yi 溥儀|溥仪 by Bernardo Bertolucci
in the end
final segment / last stage
powder / puree
speed at the end of the trajectory / speed in the final stage
final years / end (of a decade, era etc)
sacking the worst-performing employee / elimination of the worst-performing contestant
final phase
peripheral nerve
slack coal (final poor quality coal)
final installment / last phase / end
small skill / my humble capabilities
myrrh (Commiphora myrrha) / also written 沒藥|没药
powder / dust
late degenerate stage
tea powder (matcha)
end seat / final place (for less senior person)
final vows (in a religious order or congregation of the Catholic Church)
(of the holder of an official post which no longer exists) the last (incumbent)
Mordechai (name)
middle ten days of August, the last of 三伏 sān fú, three hottest periods of the year
bits / scraps
booby prize / wooden spoon
end seat / place for less senior person

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