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to show / to illustrate / to display / to demonstrate
clear / evident / obvious(ly)
to seem / to look / to appear
outstanding / notable / remarkable / statistically significant
  *显* | 显* | *显
to make visible / to reveal / prominent / conspicuous / (prefix) phanero-
video card / display card (computer)
display screen
monitor (computer)
micro- / microscopic / to make the minute visible
appearance / to appear
microscope / CL: 臺|台
clearly and easy to see (idiom); obviously / clearly / it goes without saying
to become visible / to reveal
conspicuous / eye-catching / glamorous
to express / to exhibit
visible / conspicuous / phanero- / dominant (gene)
illustrious / celebrated
to reveal (a quality or feeling) / to manifest / to evince
(photographic processing) to develop
(coll.) to show off
variant of 顯擺|显摆
to reveal, make known
to form a picture / to develop a photo / to visualize
to look old
graphics card
dignitary / distinguished person / royalty / nobleman / big shot
(of a supernatural or divine being) to appear / to make itself manifest
illustrious / influential / prestigious
to show an effect / to produce an effect / a conspicuous effect
microscope / same as 顯微鏡|显微镜
CRT used in TV or computer monitor / picture tube / kinescope
to show one's true nature (derog.) / to betray oneself
ancestors (old)
obvious / clearly visible
prominent / eminent / important person / notable / dignitary
information screen
to look pregnant / obviously pregnant
to praise / to commend / to hallow
famous school / noted school of thought
Phanerozoic, geological eon lasting since the Cambrian 寒武紀|寒武纪, c. 540m year ago
prominent post
to show off
outstanding / conspicuous
dominant gene
to flaunt / to show off
developer (photographic processing) / contrast medium (medical imaging)
phanerocrystalline / with crystal structure visible to the naked eye
light and shade
high official
Microscopium (constellation)
a famous person / a luminary
Phanerozoic, geological eon lasting since the Cambrian 寒武紀|寒武纪, c. 540m year ago
Phanerogamae (botany) / flowering plants
microscopic slide
evident / clear and bright
honorific term for one's deceased father / (arch.) great-great-grandfather
sensible enthalpy (thermodynamics) / energy required to go from one state to another
to reveal one's talent (idiom)

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