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  *映* | 映* | *映
to reflect (light) / to shine / to project (an image onto a screen etc)
  *映* | 映* | *映
old variant of
to shine on / (math., linguistics etc) mapping
reflection / image (in a mirror)
to set off by contrast / antithesis / analogy parallelism (linguistics)
to shine upon / to reflect
(idiom) to greet the eye / to come into view
Indian azalea (Rhododendron simsii)
to appear before (one's eyes) / to come to (one's mind)
to come to mind / to come to one's attention
mapping process
(computing) disk image (aka image file) / ISO image
CRT (cathode ray tube) used in a computer monitor or TV, aka picture tube (Tw) / kinescope
to screen a movie (Tw)

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