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  *旧* | 旧* | *旧
old / opposite: new / former / worn (with age)
old version
San Francisco, California
old calendar / the Chinese lunar calendar / same as 農曆|农历
former site / old location
old anecdote / stories passed on from former times
in former times / the olden days
old dreams
second-hand book / old book / ancient book
second-hand goods / used items for sale
old affair / former matter
old property (esp. inherited from former generation) / former territory
old affection
Old Testament
former agreement / former contract
sale of second-hand goods / flea market
old look / former appearance
lit. old account / old debt / fig. old scores to settle / old quarrels / old grudge
History of the Early Tang Dynasty, sixteenth of the 24 dynastic histories 二十四史, compiled under Liu Xu 劉昫|刘昫 in 945 during Later Jin 後晉|后晋 of the Five Dynasties, 200 scrolls
old residence / former home
former times / olden days
old style
Paleolithic Era
History of the Five Dynasties (between Tang and Song), eighteenth of the 24 dynastic histories 二十四史, compiled under Xue Juzheng 薛居正 in 974 during Northern Song 北宋, 150 scrolls
old democratic revolution / bourgeois revolution (in Marx-Leninist theory, a prelude to the proletarian revolution)
old friendship
poetry in the old style
old illness / former affliction
place one has previously visited / old haunts
once familiar places / former haunts
former acquaintance / old friend
former custom / old ways
lit. new wine in old bottles; fig. new concepts in an old framework / (loan idiom from Matthew 9:17, but fig. meaning is opposite)
second-hand car market / used bike market
old system / weights and measures of former times
lit. If the old doesn't go, the new will not come. / You can't make progress by clinging to old notions.
old and damaged / in disrepair
old illness recurs (idiom); a relapse / fig. to repeat an old error / the same old problem
old friend
old form of writing / piece in the old style
former times / the olden days
old friends
last year / the Chinese New Year (i.e. the new year in the old calendar)
old habit / former custom
one's old profession / trade of one's forebears
old court case / long-standing legal dispute
to revisit old haunts (idiom); down memory lane
old friend / former acquaintance
former residence
the Old World / Eurasia as opposed to the New World 新大陸|新大陆 or the Americas
old system / former rules
old traces / signs from the past
old acquaintance / former friend
old rules / example from the past / former practices
lunar New Year
notable former families
kyujitai, traditional Japanese character used before 1946
old teachings / wisdom from the past / old church / the Catholic Church 天主教 as opposed to Protestantism 新教
old capital
old wrong / past grievance / wickedness of former times
old posture / former situation
old verse / poetry in the old style
replaying the same old tunes (idiom); conservative, unoriginal and discredited / to keep harping on about the same old stuff
Old Testament
old capital
former appearance / what it used to look like
old friend / former acquaintance
evocation of the past
old worries with new hatred added (idiom); afflicted by problems old and new
in the past / formerly
one's former subordinates
old term / old way of referring to sth
old calendar / out-of-date customs
old illness / former affliction
former name
old learning / Chinese traditional teaching as opposed to material from the West
old tune / fig. conservative opinion / the same old stuff
old school / conservative faction
old grievance / former complaint

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