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lateral / side / to the side / beside
  *旁* | 旁* | *旁
one side / other / different / lateral component of a Chinese character (such as , etc)
to visit (a meeting, class, trial etc)
aside (theater) / voice-over / background narration
other people / bystanders / onlookers / outsiders
spectator / non-participant
observer / spectator
to bypass
collateral relative (descended from a common ancestor but through different lines)
Punjab state of India / Punjab province of Pakistan
dissenting religious sect (idiom); heretical school of opinion / dissident group
erhua variant of 旁邊|旁边
circumstantial evidence
to make insinuations / to take an indirect approach (in making inquiries) (idiom)
to act as though there were nobody else present / unselfconscious / fig. without regard for others
an outsider can see things more clearly or objectively than those involved (idiom)
Punjab province of Pakistan
side door
Pond's (brand of skin care products)
to be inattentive / to be distracted by sth
Punjab state in northwest India bordering Pakistan
see 膕旁腱肌|腘旁腱肌 / hamstring (anatomy)
variant of 彷徨

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