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lateral / side / to the side / beside
  *旁* | 旁* | *旁
one side / other / different / lateral component of a Chinese character (such as , etc)
to sit in on (proceedings) / to be present at a meeting as an observer / to audit (a class)
aside (theater) / voice-over / background narration
spectator / non-participant
other people / bystanders / onlookers / outsiders
observer / spectator
to bypass
collateral relative (descended from a common ancestor but through different lines)
to act as though there were nobody else present / unselfconscious / fig. without regard for others
to make insinuations / to take an indirect approach (in making inquiries) (idiom)
Punjab state of India / Punjab province of Pakistan
dissenting religious sect (idiom); heretical school of opinion / dissident group
an outsider can see things more clearly or objectively than those involved (idiom)
side door
erhua variant of 旁邊|旁边
circumstantial evidence
Punjab province of Pakistan
to be inattentive / to be distracted by sth
Pond's (brand of skin care products)
Punjab state in northwest India bordering Pakistan
see 膕旁腱肌|腘旁腱肌 / hamstring (anatomy)
variant of 彷徨

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