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to use fully / to put to use
to exert (effort or pressure)
  *施* | 施* | *施
surname Shi
  *施* | 施* | *施
(bound form) to put into effect (regulations etc) / to distribute (alms etc) / to apply (fertilizer etc)
construction / to carry out construction or large-scale repairs
unit in charge of construction / builder
benefactor (term used by a monk to address a layperson) / donor (semiconductor)
to put in place / to put into practice / to take effect
to spread manure / to apply fertilizer
to pressure
to fire / to discharge / to release (fireworks, smokescreen, poison gas, virus etc)
to use violence / to attack / to assault
Schmidt or Schmitt (surname)
Shibing county in Qiandongnan Miao and Dong autonomous prefecture 黔東南州|黔东南州, Guizhou
Arnold Schwarzenegger (1947-), US actor and politician, governor of California 2003-2011
Swarovski crystal
to implement / to use
to give in charity / to give alms (to the poor)
Shidian county in Baoshan 保山, Yunnan
Schröder (name) / Gerhard Schröder (1944-), German SPD politician, Chancellor 1998-2005
to confer a favor on sb / to confer a benefit
Strauss (name) / Johann Strauss (1825-1899), Austrian composer / Richard Strauss (1864-1949), German composer
Shibing county in Qiandongnan Miao and Dong autonomous prefecture 黔東南州|黔东南州, Guizhou
to donate / to give / to grant / to distribute / to administer
Shidian county in Baoshan 保山, Yunnan
administrative report
abuser / (in sadomasochism) dominant partner
John the Baptist
to torment / to abuse (an animal, child etc)
John the Baptist
Schwab (name)
to salute / to greet
sadism (psychiatry)
donor level (semiconductor)
sadism (fetish)
to provide alms and rice (idiom)
(ling.) agent
to apply a treatment / to undertake a therapy
Shi Lang (1621-1696), Chinese admiral who served under the Ming and Qing Dynasties
to implement the law / to perform sorcery
to give food (as a charity) / "feeding the hungry ghosts" (Buddhist ceremony)
to inflict (punishment) / to provide (training etc) / to apply (pressure etc)
variant of 施與|施与
to give charity to sb / to oblige
to inject (a vaccine etc)
Shih Ming-teh (1941-), Taiwanese politician, imprisoned 1962-1977 and 1980-1990 under the Guomindang, subsequently a leader of DPP 民進黨|民进党, in 2006 led protests against Chen Shui-Bian 陳水扁|陈水扁
Styria (Steiermark), province of Austria
Shi Nai'an (1296-1371), author of Water Margin or Outlaws of the Marsh 水滸傳|水浒传

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