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to elaborate (on a theme) / to expound (the classics) / perfunctory / to skimp / to botch / to do sth half-heartedly or just for show / barely enough to get by
  *敷* | 敷* | *敷
to spread / to lay out / to apply (powder, ointment etc) / sufficient (to cover) / enough
medical dressing
to lay / to spread out
to skimp on the job; to work half-heartedly; not to take the job seriously
to smear / to apply glue or ointment to a surface
(idiom) to do things half-heartedly; to merely go through the motions
to give an orderly account / a thorough narrative
medical dressing / bandage
(coll.) to pay compensation for medical expenses
variant of 敷衍 / to elaborate (on a theme) / to expound (the meaning of the classics)
to sprinkle powder / a dusting
medical dressing

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