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  *敲* | 敲* | *敲
to hit / to strike / to tap / to rap / to knock / to rip sb off / to overcharge
to beat sb / to beat (a drum)
to knock on a door
to sound a bell / to raise the alarm
to come to a decision / to fix on (a date etc) / to determine / to finalize / to nail down (a deal etc)
to pound / to rap
to rip off / to extort (money) / extortion / blackmail
lit. a brick as a door knocker (idiom); fig. a temporary expedient / to use sb as a stepping stone to fortune
to sound a bell / (of a clock) to chime
extortion and blackmail (idiom)
to make a continual banging sound / (fig.) to provoke with words
a deliberate show of strength as a warning
to beat a gong
extortion by taking advantage of sb's weakness
to back sb up / to support sb in an argument / (lit. to beat nearby drum)
to press (fruit) / variant of 敲詐|敲诈
to key in / to input
to strike the edge of the gong / (fig.) to stir the pot (i.e. cause or exacerbate a dispute)
to make doubly sure (idiom)
to receive oral sex from a prostitute
a knell
to have sex with a prostitute
to be masturbated by a prostitute
lit. to beat a gong; fig. to irritate sb / a provocation
back-knocking massage
to get sth open by tapping or striking it / (figuratively, when followed by sth like ∼的大門|的大门) to open the door to ~ / to gain access to ~

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