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enemy / CL: 個|个
hostile / malevolence / antagonism / to view as enemy / to stand against
  *敌* | 敌* | *敌
enemy / to be a match for / to rival / to resist / to withstand
hostile / enemy (factions) / combative
enemy troops / hostile forces / CL:
enemy country
enmity / hostility
opponent / substantial adversary / worthy match / antagonist / in the enemy's hands
the enemy and us
enemy camp
enemy plane
the situation of the enemy positions / intelligence about the enemy
dichlorvos C4H7Cl2PO4, organic phosphate used as insecticide (loanword) / also called dimethyl dichloro-vinyl phosphate DDVP
pest / vermin / animal that is harmful to crops or to another species / enemy / predator
enemy (agents) / (class) enemy
the enemy general
the enemy ranks
trichlorphon C4H8Cl3PO4, organic phosphate used as insecticide / also called dipterex
multitude of enemies, few friends (idiom from Mencius) / heavily outnumbered / beaten by the weight of numbers
enemy occupied territory
hostile / hostility
contradictions between ourselves and the enemy / Either you are for us or against us.
rival productions (of the same opera in neighboring theaters)
Decis (insecticide brand)
hatred felt toward one's enemies
enemy territory
enemy agents in our midst / reds under the beds
enemy spy
defensive tower / lookout tower / enemy radio station

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