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  *摸* | 摸* | *摸
to feel with the hand / to touch / to stroke / to grope / to steal / to abstract
  *摸* | 摸* | *摸
variant of
to feel about / to grope about / to fumble / to do things slowly
to have a clear view (of a situation) / to fish for information / fact-finding
to catch fish / (fig.) to loaf on the job / to be slack / to take it easy
to go through challenging experiences / to become seasoned (in one's profession etc)
thorough search
to be unable to make any sense of the matter / to be at a loss
to draw a tile (at mahjong) / to play mahjong
to wade across the river, feeling for footholds as one goes (idiom) / to advance cautiously, step by step / to feel one's way forward
can't touch / can't reach / (fig.) unable to get a grasp of
to play mahjong
to grope about in the dark
lit. crossing the river by feeling for stones / improvise by trial-and-error / move cautiously
to feel sb's pulse
to touch an elephant (of proverbial blind people)
to draw lots / raffle / lottery
irrelevant / can't make head or tail of
touch bar (hostess bar that allows physical contact)

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