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to pair up / to match / to arrange in pairs / to add sth into a group
to build (esp. with simple materials) / to knock together (a temporary shed) / to rig up
  *搭* | 搭* | *搭
to put up / to build (scaffolding) / to hang (clothes on a pole) / to connect / to join / to arrange in pairs / to match / to add / to throw in (resources) / to take (boat, train) / variant of
to cooperate / partner
to transport (people, a payload etc)
to hit on someone / to strike up a conversation / to start talking to end an awkward silence or embarrassing situation
to ride as a passenger / to travel by (car, plane etc)
a buckle or fastener for clothing that does not use a button and buttonhole (e.g. the buckle on metal wristwatches)
to ride (in a vehicle) / to get a lift / to hitch-hike
variant of 答理
to rescue
to join / to connect up
abbr. for 搭鐵接線|搭铁接线 / chassis grounding (i.e. using the chassis as ground, to serve as a return path for current in an electric circuit)
an interface / to relate with / to affiliate
to hitch a ride
to talk / to get into conversation with / to send word
to help lift up onto one's shoulders / to stand on sb's shoulder
variant of 搭檔|搭档
to build (esp. with simple materials) / to knock together (a temporary shed) / to rig up
to match / in tune / reasonable
variant of 耷拉
to join up with sb / to become partner / to take meals regularly in cafeteria
harness pad (on draft animal)
travel with another / accompany another
overlaid seam
to answer
buckle / connector / overlapping joint
charity performance (theater in former times)
to help out
to put up scaffolding / to build a framework / to launch an enterprise
to answer / to respond / to converse
to put up scaffolding
to bridge over / colligation (linguistics)
variant of 褡褳|褡裢
to travel by / to ride on
to respond
to travel together / thanks to
a hook / to make contact with sb
to answer
harness pad (on draft animal)
shoulder bag
erhua variant of 搭茬
to become neighbors
erhua variant of 搭把手
at one's convenience / in passing
to subsidize / to make up (deficit)
variant of 搭訕|搭讪
variant of 褡褳|褡裢
to connect / to discuss
variant of 搭檔|搭档

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