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  *搞* | 搞* | *搞
to do / to make / to go in for / to set up / to get hold of / to take care of
to get people to laugh / funny / hilarious
to do sth wacky / wacky / wacky behavior
mistake / to make a mistake / to blunder / mistaken
to do well at / to do a good job
to mess (sth) up / to foul up / to spoil
(slang) to engage in male homosexual practices
to confuse / to muddle / to mix up
(coll.) maybe / perhaps
to mess up / to mismanage / to bungle / to confuse / to muddle
to enliven / to invigorate / to revitalize
to make mischief / to play tricks
(dialect) what are you doing? / what the hell?
to get money / to accumulate money
comedy film / comedy / CL:
(coll.) likelihood of being worthwhile / cf. 有搞頭|有搞头 and 沒搞頭|没搞头
to play tricks / to cheat / to deceive
to mess sth up
to fix / to settle / to wangle
erhua variant of 搞花樣|搞花样
unable to make sense of (sth)
to make sense of sth

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