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to raise / to increase / to improve
to offer / to supply / to provide / to furnish
  *提* | 提* | *提
to carry (hanging down from the hand) / to lift / to put forward / to mention / to raise (an issue) / upwards character stroke / lifting brush stroke (in painting) / scoop for measuring liquid
to remind / to call attention to / to warn of
to shift to an earlier date / to do sth ahead of time / in advance
to question / to quiz / to grill
outline / synopsis / notes
to promote / to advocate
to point out / to remind (sb of sth) / to suggest / suggestion / tip / reminder / notice
to extract (ore, minerals etc) / to refine / to purify / to process
proposal / suggestion / to propose / to suggest
to promote to a higher job / to select for promotion
to submit (a report etc) / to refer (a problem) to sb
to promote / to upgrade
  *提* | 提* | *提
used in 提防 and 提溜
to raise (an issue) / to propose / to put forward / to suggest / to post (on a website) / to withdraw (cash)
to withdraw (money) / to collect (left luggage) / to extract / to refine
to mention / to raise (a subject) / to refer to
to withdraw funds
to nominate
to take a percentage
provider (company)
instrument of the violin family (violin, viola, cello or double bass) / CL:
to increase the specified cruising speed / to pick up speed / to speed up
to mention / to raise (a subject) / to bring to sb's attention
to take up one's pen / to start to write
proposal / draft resolution / motion (to be debated) / to propose a bill / to make a proposal
to propose / to raise a suggestion
supplier / provider
bill of lading
to propose
Titus (1st century AD), Christian missionary, disciple of St. Paul
to mention / to speak of / to lift / to pick up / to arouse / to raise (a topic, a heavy weight, one's fist, one's spirits etc)
to withdraw money / to take money out of the bank
ahead of schedule / sooner than planned / to bring forward (to an earlier time)
to guard against / to be vigilant / watch you don't (slip) / Taiwan pr. [ti2 fang2]
to accept delivery of goods / to pick up goods
to capture stones (in Go)
grape / raisin
summary / abstract
a handle
to raise the price
to purify
Jacquard weave (machine weaving leaving protruding pattern)
to have difficulty remembering how to write Chinese characters
wording (of a proposal) / formulation / viewpoint (on an issue) / (one of eight methods of bonesetting in TCM) restoring the part displaced by a fracture to its correct position by lifting
to raise a charge / to sue / to institute proceedings
to freshen up / to be cautious or vigilant / to watch out / stimulant to enhance mental performance / stay-awake drug / agrypnotic
(saying) to be very scared and on edge
Tyre (Lebanon)
to propose marriage
a basket
bank autoteller / ATM
tiramisu (loanword)
to refresh and clear the mind (idiom) / invigorating / bracing
handle in the shape of a hoop
to concentrate on the main points (idiom); to bring out the essentials
the local commander / provincial governor (in Qing and Ming times)
pelican / same as 鵜鶘|鹈鹕
calm / poised
a portable lamp
handbag / bag / valise
to rise through the ranks (as a party cadre)
to commit sb for trial / to bring sb for interrogation
to make provision (against a loss) / a bookkeeping entry
to prompt (an actor or reciter)
to withdraw (money) and retain it
First epistle of St Paul to Timothy
to refer to
a suitcase / a traveling-bag
to promote and appoint
to present (a bill of exchange etc) for payment
proponent / advocate / pioneer
to withdraw (cash from an ATM)
bill of lading
to lead by the hand / to guide / to support
project to raise low-lying water for irrigation purposes
a step up / to rise to the next level
Epistle of St Paul to Titus
to receive a raise in salary
to plead (not guilty) / to enter a plea
early vote
Tibullus (55 BC-19 BC), Latin poet
to raise one's spirits / to take courage
to improve taste / to make sth palatable
epistolary formula used at the head of a letter
to make a claim (for damages etc)
to present (a draft) for acceptance (commerce)
pelican / same as 鵜鶘|鹈鹕
to supervise (troops) / to appoint (officers) / to select and assign
to bring sb to trial
to hold by the hand / fig. to nurture / to foster / to bring up / to support
debit card / ATM card
(law) to sue
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