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to explore / to probe
to investigate / to probe
to probe / to take readings / to explore / exploration
to visit / to call on sb / to look around
  *探* | 探* | *探
to explore / to search out / to scout / to visit / to stretch forward
to explore / to go on an expedition / adventure
candidate who came third in the Han-lin examination / see 狀元|状元
to visit (a patient, prisoner etc) / to look inquiringly
tango (dance) (loanword)
to seek by inquiry or search / to call on / to visit
to examine / to probe / to scout out / to nose around
to search / to seek / to explore
to investigate / to delve / to probe / to enquire into / to look into
to extend one's head (out or into) / a probe / detector / search unit
detector / probe / craft
to visit a prisoner (usu. a relative or friend)
to stick one's head out and look around (idiom)
to check on sb at his workplace / to come to a movie set to visit one of the actors
to inquire into / to ask after
to visit a sick person or patient
to explore a mystery / to probe the unknown
to explore / to survey / to prospect (for oil etc) / prospecting
(police) detective
to inquire into / to ask after
detective / investigator / agent
to visit / to go to see what's going on
to inspect metal for flaws (using X-ray or ultrasound etc)
to find out / to ascertain / to get an idea of
to find a path
to lean forward / to lean out (of a window, door etc)
to go home to visit one's family
to ascertain / to verify
to investigate / to observe / to scout / to seek out and examine / to explore
intelligence gatherer / spy / detective / scout / sound (medical instrument) / long and narrow probing and sampling utensil
to make inquiries / to try to find out / to pry
test pit / exploratory shaft / test well (mineralogy)
to seek unusual scenery or places
Pathfinder, NASA spacecraft sent to Mars in 1977
to seek / to pursue / to investigate
to feel in one's pocket and take sth (idiom); as easy as pie / in the bag
visitation rights (law)
mounted scout (arch.)
to sound out opinions / to get sb's views by polite or indirect questioning
dipstick / measuring rod
to prospect / to dig for coal or minerals
to feel for sth / to grope
lunar exploration
to make inquiries about sb or sth / to fish for information
to make a trip home
to detect mines / mine detection
to bend forward / to lean out
to sound out opinions / to get sb's views by polite or indirect questioning / also written 探口風|探口风
prospector / person exploring for minerals
to pluck a pearl from the black dragon (idiom, from Zhuangzi); fig. to pick out the salient points (from a tangled situation) / to see through to the nub
to probe deeply and uncover minute details
probe (character)
erhua variant of 探頭探腦|探头探脑
mine detector (employee)

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