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to grasp (often fig.) / to control / to seize (initiative, opportunity, destiny) / to master / to know well / to understand sth well and know how to use it / fluency
  *掌* | 掌* | *掌
palm of the hand / sole of the foot / paw / horseshoe / to slap / to hold in one's hand / to wield
to control / in control of
applause / CL: 陣|阵
in charge of / to control
hollow of the palm
to steer (a ship)
to wield (political etc) power / be in power
to slap
anecdote / tales (esp. about historical figure)
to be in charge of the cooking / to be the chef / head cook / chef
lit. a pearl in the palm (idiom) / fig. beloved person (esp. daughter)
to slap
to slap
to prepare meals / chef
handheld computer / PDA (personal digital assistant) / Pocket PC
thunderous applause (idiom)
palmistry / features of a palm (in palmistry)
PDA / Personal Digital Assistant
to hold a lamp / to light a lamp
chancellor (rank in various European states) / grand chancellor
chancellor (rank in various European states)
metacarpal bone (long bones in the hand and feet)
face (mining)

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