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it is said that; reportedly
according to reports / it is reported (that)
according to this / on the ground of the above / (formally introduces reported speech in writing)
  *据* | 据* | *据
used in 拮据
  *据* | 据* | *据
according to / to act in accordance with / to depend on / to seize / to occupy
it is said / allegedly / according to reports / or so they say
  *据* | 据* | *据
variant of 據|据
  *据* | 据* | *据
variant of 據|据
stronghold / defended military base / base for operations / strategic point / foothold / (market) presence
to take for one's own / to expropriate
according to the facts
to occupy / to hold / to possess
it is rumored that ... / it is reported that ...
to guard / to hold a fortified position / entrenched
according to reason / in principle
as far as I know / to the best of my knowledge
according to estimates
according to belief / it is believed that
it is reported; according to reports
according to (news) reports
according to a report / It is reported that...
to guard a natural stronghold
to report according to the facts / to tell the truth / to tell it like it is
to handle a situation according to the circumstances (idiom)
in my view / in my opinion / from what I can see
according to forecasts / it is expected that...
to contend on strong grounds / to argue strongly for what is right
according to statistics
it is said; it is alleged; it is reported
to rely on natural barriers (for one's defense)

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