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  *换* | 换* | *换
to exchange / to change (clothes etc) / to substitute / to switch / to convert (currency)
to convert / conversion / (in accounting, referring to currency conversion) translation
to exchange (sth) for (sth else) / to replace with / to convert into
to obtain (sth) in exchange / to exchange (sth) for (sth else)
heat exchanger
to change train (plane, bus etc) / transfer between modes of transport
to replace with sth new / to upgrade
to replace sb (personnel, sports team player etc) / substitution
to wrap (text) / line feed (computing)
commutation (electricity)
to transition to a new dynasty or regime / to replace an older product with an upgraded, new-generation one
in other words
to change gear
to take a breath (in swimming) / to ventilate
to renew a certificate (ID card etc) / to leave an ID at the desk to gain entrance
in other words
to relieve a sentry / to change the guard
to change shift / the next work shift / to relieve (a workman on the previous shift) / to take over the job
to change money / to sell
tool change (mechanics)
wife swapping
to molt (of birds) / to change feathers
to swap / to exchange / to transpose / to replace
to grow replacement teeth (zoology) / to grow permanent teeth in place of milk teeth
to molt / to change feathers
in other words
gear lever
different broth but the same old medicine (idiom); a change in name only / a change in form but not in substance
to change workshifts
bill of exchange (international trade)
to relieve a garrison / to change guard complement
to repeatedly exchange
rotation of crops
to exchange cards containing personal details (when taking an oath of fraternity)
house-swap vacation
to change places / to swap places

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