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  *挤* | 挤* | *挤
to crowd in / to cram in / to force others aside / to press / to squeeze / to find (time in one's busy schedule)
to squeeze / to press / to extrude
to squeeze out / to extrude / to drain / to find the time / to burst out
to seize / to push aside and occupy
to milk
crowded to bursting point / filled to overflowing / jam-packed
a run on a bank
to squeeze in / to force oneself into / to cram into / to intrude
to break into / to force one's way into / to barge into
lit. to squeeze out toothpaste / fig. to extract a confession under pressure
to mill about / to jostle
(coll.) to push aside
to make eyes / to wink
to extrude
bank run / to crowd into a bank and withdraw all one's money
to squeeze through / to force one's way through
to wink
(cookery) to decorate using a piping bag / to extrude something though a piping bag / piping
to squeeze
to squeeze oneself up into (a crowded vehicle etc)
to bump and shove
to squash / to crush / to squeeze out of business / to drive out
(coll.) to mock / to bully / to force (a concession out of sb)
to wink at
crowded tightly / jam-packed
piping bag (cookery)

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