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  *按* | 按* | *按
to press / to push / to leave aside or shelve / to control / to restrain / to keep one's hand on / to check or refer to / according to / in the light of / (of an editor or author) to make a comment
according to / in accordance with / in the light of / on the basis of
push button
massage / to massage
button or key (on a device) / keystroke / CL: 個|个 / to press a button
according to regulation
on time / before deadline / on schedule
monthly / per mensem
a mortgage (loanword via Cantonese) / to buy property on a mortgage
on schedule / on time
according to the law
to press down / to press a button
on demand / according to demand
to press / to push (a button)
according to reason / in the ordinary course of events / normally
to give sb a thumbs-up (on social media)
according to (the) plan ...
it is reasonable to say that...
to follow the prescribed order; to keep to the working routine (idiom)
daily (law) / per diem
distribution according to work
to be unable to hold back
to hold back one's troops without moving (idiom); to bide one's time
daily (law) / per diem
in the ordinary course of events / ordinarily / normally
distribution according to need
vibrator / dildo
to restrain / to control
lit. looking for a fine horse using only a picture (idiom) / fig. to do things along rigid, conventional lines / to try and find sth with the help of a clue
according to season / quarterly
palpation (as a method of examination)
note / comment
keypad tone / key tone
publishing on demand
follow the prescribed order / keep to conventional ways
anopheles / malarial mosquito
solve one problem only to find another cropping up
(old) massage
variant of 按捺
to feel (take) the pulse
to fix a price based on quality (idiom)
to investigate (old)
to rule a country according to the constitution

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