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to invite applications for a job / to recruit
to receive (guests) / to entertain / reception
to invite bids
to hire / to recruit
to seek investment or funding / investment promotion
to recruit / to enlist
to enroll new students / to get students
signboard / shop sign / reputation of a business
  *招* | 招* | *招
to recruit / to provoke / to beckon / to incur / to infect / contagious / a move (chess) / a maneuver / device / trick / to confess
to call out to / to greet / to say hello to / to inform / to take care of / to take care that one does not
to attract / to incur
to advertise an entrance examination for an academic institution (old)
to attract (customers) / to drum up (trade)
to court (trouble); to attract (attention) / to provoke (sb)
share offer
style / manner
to wave / to beckon
invite the talented and call the valorous (idiom); to recruit talent
move (in chess, on stage, in martial arts) / gambit / trick / scheme / movement / same as 著數|着数
maneki-neko or "lucky cat", Japanese figurine cat usually found at the entrance of shops, restaurants etc, believed to bring good fortune
to be infectious / to recruit
to advertise for the owner of lost property
guest house / small hotel
to resist / to ward off / to hold one's own / to receive guests
(of a house or room) to be for rent
prospectus (setting out share offer) / offering circular
to rock back and forth / (fig.) to act ostentatiously / to brag / to show off
lit. inviting wealth / We wish you success and riches (cf idiom 招財進寶|招财进宝)
ushering in wealth and prosperity (idiom and traditional greeting, esp. at New Year); We wish you wealth and success!
investment promotion
to canvass (for customers) / to solicit / to recruit
to recruit (followers) / to scout for (talent etc) / to incur / to lead to
to call / to summon
recruitment meeting / job fair
to confess
to ask for sb's surrender
charming / attractive / delightful
to enlist enemy or rebel soldiers by offering amnesty
to flutter / to sway
prospective employer / person advertising a job / recruiter
(idiom) to dupe people by passing oneself off as a well-connected individual or a figure of authority
to invite the groom (who will live with the bride's family) / to take a wife by one's own choice
to confess
to parade oneself ostentatiously about town (idiom)
to recruit soldiers
reception / CL: 個|个,
bid inviting and bid offering / bidding / auction
to attract
to invite / to recruit / to attract / to entice
recruiting agency
signature move
to enlist enemy or rebel soldiers by offering amnesty / to bring to negotiated surrender
lit. to invite the wind / fig. conspicuous and inviting criticism
signature dish / a restaurant’s most famous dish
to call back the soul of sb who has died or is seriously ill / (fig.) to resurrect (an old system etc)
to advertise / to solicit business
to arouse animosity
jug ears / jug-eared
Zhaoyuan, county-level city in Yantai 煙台|烟台, Shandong
poster / placard / bill
request bus stop
to recruit / to gather together (volunteers)
fiddler crab (genus Uca)
(of a flower) to attract bees and butterflies / (fig.) to attract the opposite sex / to flirt
to ask for a beating
Zhaoyuan, county-level city in Yantai 煙台|烟台, Shandong
usher / greeter
label / sticker
to recruit surrendered enemy and deserters (idiom); to gather together a gang of villains
picture poster (for advertising or propaganda)
recruiting coordinator
flag to attract departed spirits
to receive (guests, clients) / to interact socially with
to invite disaster
to stir up trouble (idiom) / to sow discord
to recruit soldiers and buy horses (idiom); to raise a large army / fig. to expand business / to recruit new staff
to recruit / to take on (an employee)
move / method of use / trick for success
flag to attract departed spirits

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