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  *拍* | 拍* | *拍
to pat / to clap / to slap / to swat / to take (a photo) / to shoot (a film) / racket (sports) / beat (music)
to take a picture
to film / to shoot (a picture)
to auction / auction sale / to sell at a reduced price
to shoot a movie
(slang) to throw brickbats / to criticize harshly
citizen journalist (typically posting short, self-produced documentary videos on the Web)
to sell at auction / to reach a given price at auction
to pat / to slap / (of a bird) to flap (one's wings)
auction / CL: 場|场
to flatter / to fawn on / to butter sb up / toadying / bootlicking
to make a movie
to film / to make a film
to slap the table in amazement (idiom); wonderful! / amazing!
to clap one's hands
lit. to slap the table (in amazement, praise, anger, resentment etc) / fig. astonishing!, wonderful!, dreadful! etc
to beat against the shore (of waves)
clapper-board / auctioneer's hammer / to beat time with clappers
(dialect) to perform / to act (in a play etc)
to smack / to beat
(dialect) to date sb
lit. slap the table and shout with praise (idiom); fig. wonderful! / amazing! / great!
beat (music) / paddle-shaped object (flyswatter etc) / racket (sports)
smashed cucumber salad
to urge on a horse by patting its bottom / fig. to encourage / same as 拍馬屁|拍马屁, to flatter or toady
(music) beat
lit. to slap the table and stand up (idiom); fig. at the end of one's tether / unable to take it any more
to vouch for
auctioneer / auction house
Polaroid (Tw)
to make oneself scarce / to slip away / to take French leave
time signature (music)
to send / to cable (a telegram)
to send a telegram
to chase girls / to hang around with girls
writing pad
flatterer / toady

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