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  *拉* | 拉* | *拉
to pull / to play (a bowed instrument) / to drag / to draw / to chat
to add sb to one's blacklist (on a cellphone, or in instant messaging software etc) / abbr. for 拉到黑名單|拉到黑名单
to hold hands / to shake hands
a handle / to pull on a handle
Lhasa, capital city of Tibet autonomous region 西藏自治區|西藏自治区
to pull open / to pull apart / to space out / to increase
Lala, Philippines
lesbian (Internet slang) / Labrador retriever
Las Vegas, Nevada
Latin America
pulling force / (fig.) allure / (materials testing) tensile strength / (loanword) rally
to lengthen / to pull sth out longer
Lazio (region in Italy)
Labrador, Canada / Labrador (a breed of dog)
lari (currency of Georgia) (loanword)
tension bar
to rope in / fig. to involve sb / to entice
to campaign for votes / to ask voters for support
rally (car race) (loanword)
Latin (language)
Latin America / abbr. for 拉丁美洲
trendy / eye-catching / flashy
Lagrange (name) / Joseph-Louis Lagrange (1735-1813), French mathematician and physicist
to pull / to injure by straining
Lhasa, Tibetan: Lha sa grong khyer, capital of Tibet autonomous region 西藏自治區|西藏自治区
(Philippine President Fidel) Ramos
(fig.) to raise the curtain / to lift the curtain / to be a curtain raiser for
to drag / to pull / to raise a child (through difficulties) / to help / to support / to drag in / to chat
(slang) to take ketamine
La Coruña or A Coruña (city in Galicia, Spain)
Pierre Simon Laplace (1749-1827), French mathematician
to-and-fro tussle / closely-fought contest
to defecate / to shit / to crap
to pull tight / tensioning
to pull down / (coll.) to let it go / to drop it
Lhalu, Tibetan name and place name / Lhalu Tsewang Dorje (1915-2011), Tibetan pro-Chinese politician / Lhalu suburb of Lhasa
to seek contact with sb for one's own benefit / to suck up to sb
Las Palmas, Spain
Laval (name)
Lapland (northern Europe)
to bring (people) closer together
cheerleading squad / also written 啦啦隊|啦啦队
client pull (computing)
Ralph (name)
a two-man saw / fig. to-and-fro between two sides
(coll.) to have diarrhea / to shrink back / to cower
to tout / to solicit customers
to pull up
Lagos (Nigerian city)
(Osama) bin Laden (1957-2011), leader of Al Qaeda
Lahu ethnic group of Yunnan
Ravenclaw (Harry Potter)
pinky swear
(name) Larson, Larsen, Larsson or Lassen etc
Rania (name)
to draw / to stretch
tensile strength
(dialect) to chat / to gossip
variant of 垃圾 / trash / refuse / garbage / Taiwan pr. [le4 se4]
Lahore (city in Pakistan)
Lacan (psychoanalyst)
ring pull (can) / strap handle (on bus or train) / circular door handle
Ramadan (loanword)
Loughborough, English city
to pull into / to draw in
chest expander (exercise equipment)
stretching (exercise)
La Niña, equatorial climatic variation over the Eastern Pacific, as opposed to El Niño 厄爾尼諾|厄尔尼诺
Rameses (name of pharaoh)
Lamivudine, reverse transcriptase inhibitor marketed by GlaxoSmithKline and widely used in the treatment of hepatitis B and AIDS / brand names include Zeffix, Heptovir, Epivir and Epivir-HBV
Antoine Lavoisier (1743-1794), French nobleman and scientist, considered the father of modern chemistry
Donald Rumsfeld (1932-), former US Secretary of Defense
to solicit (guests, clients, passengers etc) / to importune
Loughborough University
to make ceramics (on a potter's wheel)
to try to stop a fight / to intervene in a fight
Lhazê county, Tibetan: Lha rtse rdzong, in Shigatse prefecture, Tibet
Lhazê county, Tibetan: Lha rtse rdzong, in Shigatse prefecture, Tibet
(Tw) to pull sth up / (fig.) to give a boost to / to support
Larnaca (city in Cyprus) / Larnaka
Lavrov (name) / Sergey Viktorovich Lavrov (1950-), Russian diplomat and politician, Foreign minister from 2004
Rodan (Japanese ラドン Radon), Japanese movie monster
Ramat Gan, city in Israel, location of Bar-Ilan University
die (i.e. tool for cutting wire to a given diameter)
Laguerre (name) / Edmond Laguerre (1834-1886), French mathematician
(coll.) to bring up / to rear / to raise
to bring to the same level / to even up / to flare out / to flatten out
Lafargue (name) / Paul Lafargue (1842-1911), French socialist and revolutionary activist, son-in-law of Karl Marx
to talk or chat about ordinary daily life
raffia (loanword)
to tug at / to pull at sb aggressively / to take sb's hand or arm in a too familiar way / (derog.) to hobnob / to consort
Labrang monastery, Tibetan: bLa-brang bkra-shis-'khyil, in Xiahe county 夏河縣|夏河县, Gannan Tibetan autonomous prefecture, Gansu, formerly Amdo province of Tibet
to procure / to act as pimp
Rasmussen (name)

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