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  *披* | 披* | *披
to drape over one's shoulders / to open / to unroll / to split open / to spread out
to reveal / to publish / to make public / to announce
pizza (loanword)
cloak / cape
cape / shawl / (of long hair) to trail over one's shoulders
lit. to cut one's way through thistles and thorns (idiom) / fig. to overcome all obstacles on the way / to break through hardships / to blaze a new trail
with dishevelled hair (idiom) / with one's hair down
to travel or work through night and day / to toil away for long hours
to put on a suit of armor / to put on dress / to wear
the Beatles (music band)
to don armor
to be swept by the wind / to be blown about by the wind / to be routed (in battle etc)
to wear mourning clothes / to be in mourning / also written 披麻帶孝|披麻带孝
to drape sb in red silk as a sign of honor
to peruse / to browse
lit. to open one's liver and drip gall (idiom); wholehearted loyalty
variant of 披星戴月
to pore over a book / to look and admire
to wear mourning clothes / to be in mourning / also written 披麻戴孝
the Beatles
(of clothes, hair etc) to hang down and cover / to flow down
peso (currency in Latin America) (loanword) / also written 比索

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