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to throw into / to put into / to throw oneself into / to participate in / to invest in / absorbed / engrossed
to surrender / surrender
to throw sth a long distance / to hurl / to throw at / to throw (dice etc) / to flip (a coin)
to speculate (on financial markets) / opportunistic / congenial / agreeable
complaint / to complain / to register a complaint (esp. as a customer)
to vote / vote
thrower / pitcher / bowler
investment / to invest
to take out insurance / to insure
to bid / to make a tender
to project / a projection
to put into production / to put into operation
to deliver
to throw oneself into sth
  *投* | 投* | *投
to cast / to send / to throw oneself (into the river etc) / to seek refuge / to place oneself into the hands of
to throw one's energies (into an activity) / to invest one's emotions (in sth) / to bet / betting
to throw (a projectile) / to cast (light)
coin-operated / to insert coins
to rely on help from sb
to be reincarnated
to seek shelter / to seek asylum
to send by post
to go well together / to be compatible / to cater to / to please
to start shooting (a film) / to invest in (a movie) / to put (sth) up for auction
to surrender to the authorities / to turn oneself in (for a crime)
to seize every opportunity / to be full of tricks
to adapt to sb's taste / to fit sb's fancy
to input / to throw in / to unload / to put into circulation
to deliver / to send a letter / a letter (of complaint, opinion etc)
to lay down the pen and take up the sword (idiom) / to join the military (esp. of educated person)
to defect / to surrender / to capitulate
to lodge / to stay (for the night)
to throw an explosive charge / to bomb
reborn (of departed spirit) / to be reincarnated / to leave home for a new life
to sign up for an examination / to apply for admission (to a university etc) / to apply (for a position)
to shoot for the basket (basketball)
to join a guru for instruction
to be kindred spirits / to hit it off
toss a peach, get back a plum (idiom); to return a favor / to exchange gifts / Scratch my back, and I'll scratch yours.
to go over to the enemy / to defect
lit. to refrain from shooting at the rat for fear of breaking the vases (idiom) / to not act against an evil so as to prevent harm to innocents
speculation and profiteering (idiom); buying and selling on speculation
lit. to toss a stone to find out what's ahead (idiom) / fig. to test the waters
to get along well (with sb) / congenial / to speculate (on financial markets)
arms enough to stem the stream (idiom); formidable army
(of a light source) to cast one's light on / to project (an image)
to hang oneself / to commit suicide by hanging
(computing) to mirror one's screen (to another device) / screen sharing / screen mirroring
to throw stones at sb who has fallen down a well (idiom) / to hit a person when he's down
to hit the target with one's throw / (basketball) to score
policy holder / insured person
policyholder (insurance)
ancient banquet game of throwing arrows into a pot, the winner determined by the number of arrows thrown in, and the loser required to drink as punishment
coin slot
to stop at a hostel
center of projection
perspective drawing
projective geometry / same as 射影幾何|射影几何
projective geometry / same as 射影幾何學|射影几何学
slide used in a presentation (Tw)
line of project / projection line
plane of projection (in perspective drawing)
to throw oneself in sb's arms / to throw oneself at sb
to put sth on the market
buying and selling on speculation
(sports) (cricket) to bowl a batsman out
to poison
variant of 投繯|投缳
coin-operated / to insert a coin
ballot box (Tw)
voting place
voting machine
suffrage / right to vote
proportion of vote / turnout in election
polling station (for a vote)
ballot box
to submit articles for publication / to contribute (writing)
arcade basketball machine / miniature hoops
to hang oneself (idiom)
lit. to shake one's sleeves and rise (idiom) / fig. to get excited and move to action
return on investment (ROI)
return on investment / rate of return
investment immigration / immigrant investor
investment portfolio
investment risk
to join up / to enlist (e.g. in the military)
courier / mailman
to be reincarnated in the wrong womb / (fig.) to be born into unfortunate circumstances (impoverished family, domestic violence etc)
polling station / CL: 處|处
to feed (an animal)

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