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to plagiarize / to copy / to attack the flank or rear of an enemy
to make a copy (and send it to someone) / Cc (for email) / Carbon Copy (for email)
  *抄* | 抄* | *抄
to make a copy / to plagiarize / to search and seize / to raid / to grab / to go off with / to take a shortcut / to make a turning move / to fold one's arms
to copy / to transcribe
to make a copy of
to search a house and confiscate possessions
to fold one's arms / copyist / (dialect) wonton
handwritten copy
dip net
to take a shortcut
duplicate (copy)
to outflank and attack from the rear
to search and confiscate
to search (a person) / to frisk
to search and seize
to take a shortcut
to take the back roads / to take the side streets / to take the small paths
to take a shortcut
(dialect) to do a body search / to frisk
copyist / scribe
erhua variant of 抄近

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