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  *批* | 批* | *批
to ascertain / to act on / to criticize / to pass on / classifier for batches, lots, military flights / tier (for the ranking of universities and colleges)
wholesale / bulk trade / distribution
to approve / to ratify
to criticize / criticism / CL: 個|个
batch / lot
to reply officially to a subordinate
to mark (homework, exam scripts etc) / to correct and criticize (an article) / to check / to correct / a correction (to a piece of writing)
to buy in bulk / bulk buying
batch file
to criticize / critique / CL: 個|个
to write comments on a report submitted by a subordinate / written comments from a superior
a wholesale business / distributor
wholesale price
lot number / batch number
official written ruling in response to a submission / official approval in writing
(drug etc) approval number
to mass produce
wholesale business / bulk trade
to annotate / to add marginal comments on / criticism / marginalia
approved document / document with written instructions
to read through to evaluate / to referee
to authorize an arrest
to approve and forward / to endorse / stamp "approved for distribution"
wholesale price / to settle an account / to pay a bill
critic / detractor
to criticize / to refute
to have one's fortune read / system of fortune telling based on a person's date and time of birth, according to 干支 (sexagenary cycle)
screwdriving bits
PTT, the largest terminal-based bulletin board system in Taiwan / full name: 批踢踢實業坊|批踢踢实业坊
to correct student papers / to grade exam papers
to drag sb before a public meeting to denounce, humiliate and physically abuse them (esp. during the Cultural Revolution)
pizza (loanword)
to tell sb's fortune
criticism / commentary
cement-sand wall plaster
to approve and carry out / to issue approval
to approve vacation
to add critical marks or notes to a text / (fig.) to criticize
PTT Bulletin Board System (Tw)
struggle session
to give an official response
to cast sb's yearly horoscope
to approve use of foreign currency
to slap sb's cheeks
to get right to the heart of the matter (idiom)

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