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  *扯* | 扯* | *扯
to pull / to tear / (of cloth, thread etc) to buy / to chat / to gossip / (coll.) (Tw) ridiculous / hokey
  *扯* | 扯* | *扯
variant of / to pull / to tear
to talk nonsense
variant of 扯淡
to digress / to get sidetracked / to go off on a tangent
to wrangle / wrangling
(dialect) to talk nonsense / to chat idly
to talk nonsense (dialect)
to be a drag or hindrance on sb
to tell a lie
diabolo / Chinese yo-yo
to raise one's voice / to speak at the top of one's voice
to talk shit / to drivel / bullshit
to grasp firmly
tear apart
to make even / to balance / (fig.) to be even / to call it quits
to straighten (by pulling or stretching) / to be even (neither side losing out)
to engage in small talk / to chit chat

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