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to implement / to carry out / to execute / to run
license / permit
to enforce a law / law enforcement
to work in a profession (e.g. doctor, lawyer) / practitioner / professional
to direct (a film, play etc)
  *执* | 执* | *执
to execute (a plan) / to grasp
to be strongly attached to / to be dedicated / to cling to
to hold power / in office
executioner (hangman) / business executor
to teach / to be a teacher / to train / to coach
to be on duty (of a security guard etc)
to wield (power etc)
to perform one's job / attendant / job / duties / (respectful appellation for the addressee) you / your Excellency / (Church) deacon
paraphernalia of a guard of honor
to write / to do the actual writing
ruling party / the party in power
to be determined to / to insist on
executive committee
consul (of the Roman Republic) / magistrate (chief administrator)
governing capacity
to be obsessive / to persist obstinately
executing commander
stubborn / willful / pigheaded / Taiwan pr. [zhi2 ao4]
to obstinately persist in going about things the wrong way (idiom)
chief executive
(Tw) (computing) thread
governing method
to tidy up (dialect)
to maintain the law as firm as a mountain (idiom); to enforce the law strictly
to attend a funeral

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