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to clean / to sweep
to plan / to intend / to calculate / plan / intention / calculation / CL: 個|个
to affix a seal / to stamp / to print out (with a printer)
to disturb / to bother / to trouble
to give a discount
to decorate / to dress / to make up / to adorn / manner of dressing / style of dress
to give or have an injection
to greet sb by word or action / to give prior notice
to work a temporary or casual job / (of students) to have a job outside of class time, or during vacation
to ask about / to make some inquiries / to ask around
to sneeze
to hit / to strike / to attack / to crack down on sth / blow / (psychological) shock / percussion (music)
to wrap / to pack / to put leftovers in a doggy bag for take-out / to package (computing)
to size sb up / to look sb up and down / to take the measure of / to suppose / to reckon
to fight a battle / to go to war
to open / to show (a ticket) / to turn on / to switch on
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dozen (loanword)
  *打* | 打* | *打
to beat / to strike / to hit / to break / to type / to mix up / to build / to fight / to fetch / to make / to tie up / to issue / to shoot / to calculate / to play (a game) / since / from
to create / to build / to develop / to forge (of metal)
to reward / to tip / to give a gratuity
(of an employee) to clock on (or off) / to punch in (or out) / (Tw) (on Facebook) to check in to a location
to grade / to give a mark
to defeat / to overpower / to beat / to be defeated
to lay (a foundation) / to conquer (a city etc) / to shoot down (a bird etc)
to make a telephone call
(finance) to participate in an IPO (initial public offering)
to type
to open access / to establish contact / to remove a block / to put through (a phone connection)
to write an IOU or promissory note
to take a taxi (in town) / to hitch a lift
unable to defeat / to be no match for sb
to fight / to scuffle / to come to blows / CL: 場|场
to lay a foundation (also fig.) / to make a first sketch / to eat sth before drinking / to apply an undercoat
polish / grind
to dispatch sb to do sth / to make sb leave / to pass (the time) / (old) to make arrangements / (old) to bestow (alms etc)
to pixelate an image / to key in captcha authentication codes
to move (to pity) / arousing (sympathy) / touching
to collect money from sb / to give money to sb
to suppress / to beat down
to breach / to invade
to interrupt / to break off / to break (a bone)
lighter / cigarette lighter
to start shooting or firing / to win an initial success / to succeed (of a plan)
to tear down / to destroy / to dismantle (a gang) / to abort (a fetus)
to break / to smash
to net sth / to catch sth with a net
to shatter / to smash / to break into pieces
to snore
to fight
to take care of / to sort out / to manage / to put in order
to buy soy sauce / it's none of my business ("I’m just here to buy some soy sauce")
to err / to dial a wrong number / to make a typo
hired thug
to injure / to wound / to damage
to rumble with thunder / clap of thunder
to blow out / to blow off / (computer games) to zap / (phone) to ring off the hook / to be jammed / to max out (credit card etc)
to play (a card) / to make a move in a game
sorry to interrupt you, but ... / sorry to have bothered you / sorry, I have to go / (slang) (coined c. 2017) used facetiously to terminate a conversation (esp. online) when the other person is being insufferable
to beat a drum / to play a drum / (fig.) to feel nervous
to give a discount / to be of less value than anticipated
to sit in meditation / to meditate
to dispel (doubts, misgivings etc) / to give up on
to salvage / to dredge / to fish out (person or object from the sea)
to fight counterfeiting / to expose as false / to denounce sb's lies
to sound the night watches (on clappers or gongs, in former times)
to drive piles into
to play mahjong or cards
to masturbate (slang)
to scatter / to break sth up / to beat (an egg)
(slang) to cheer sb on / to show one's support / ("call" is pronounced approximately like English "call")
to spin / to rotate / to revolve
pile driver (machinery)
to close shop in the evening / also pr. [da3 yang2]
to work hard / to try to make a living
to inflate / to pump up / fig. to encourage / to boost morale
to pass the time
to beat and scold
to overthrow / to knock down / Down with ... !
print head
to bet / to make a bet / a wager
to forge ironware
to forge (silverware, metal implements etc)
to play ball / to play with a ball
lit. beat the grass to scare the snake (idiom) / fig. to inadvertently alert an enemy / to punish sb as a warning to others
to seize power / to conquer the world / to establish and expand a business / to carve out a career for oneself
target shooting
to loot / to rob / to plunder / to ransack
(coll.) to tattletale / to rat on sb
to wax (a car, floor etc)
to roll about
to go hunting
to hiccup / to belch / to burp
to tie a knot / to tie
to skid / to slip / to slide
to practice tai chi / (fig.) to avoid responsibility / to pass the buck
to have an abortion
to skip stones (on water) / (coll.) to squander one's money on a bad investment
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