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  *戳* | 戳* | *戳
to jab / to poke / to stab / to sprain / to blunt / to fuck (vulgar) / to stand sth upright
to puncture / to pierce / (fig.) to destroy (the facade concealing an unpleasant reality)
to puncture / to lay bear or expose (lies etc)
to work toward / to endeavor / an attempt
stamp / seal
to criticize behind sb's back / back-biting
to criticize behind sb's back / back-biting
puncture test
to knock / to jab
stamp / seal
to stir up trouble
to stir up behind sb's back / to incite secretly
to criticize behind sb's back / back-biting
to flaunt
stamp / seal
not up to it / cannot stand the test
pins and needles (in muscle) / paresthesia
up to it / can stand the test

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