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circumstances / state of affairs / situation / CL: 個|个, 種|种
  *情* | 情* | *情
feeling / emotion / passion / situation
feeling / emotion / to move (emotionally)
mistress / paramour (of married man)
lover / sweetheart
sweethearts / lovers
information / intelligence
mood / state of mind / moodiness / CL: 種|种
Valentine's Day
plot / circumstances
predestined love / love affinity
circumstances / situation / CL: 個|个
feelings / mood
erotic (of art etc) / facial expression (archaic)
love letter
scene / spectacle / circumstances / situation
love song
sentiment / tone and mood / taste
situation / context / setting / environment
complex (psychology)
emotional quotient (EQ) / emotional IQ / abbr. for 情緒商數|情绪商数
friendship / camaraderie
terms of endearment / words of love
affection / friendly feelings towards sb / love
friendly regard / affection
affection / comradeship
matching outfit for couples
unable to restrain emotions / cannot help
sentiment / feeling
rival in love
to have a feeling for sth (affection, sympathy, passion etc)
to have a feeling for sth (affection, sympathy, passion etc)
reason / sense
willingness / would rather (agree to X than Y)
inclinations and interests / delight / fun / interest / appeal
snare of love
situation / circumstance
sentiments / feelings / disposition of mind / moral character
spirit / mood / (linguistics) modal
circumstances / facts (of a case) / case / feelings / love affair
lust / desire / sensual
love poem
emotional / sentimental
affairs of the heart / mutual relationship
how can this be endured! (idiom)
boyfriend / paramour (of a woman)
feelings and sensibilities / sentiment and face / sensitivity to other's feelings
adult product / sex toy
first awakening of love (usually of a girl) (idiom)
in a moment of desperation
feeling / flavor / sense
mutual affection / friendship
pardonable (of interruption, misunderstanding etc)
to have an affinity with each other (idiom) / to find each other congenial
loss of love / breakup of a relationship
as close as one's hands and feet (idiom); loving one another as brothers / deep friendship / closely attached to one another
married woman's lover
love is more solid than gold (idiom)
emotional state
affectionate / an affectionate person
infatuated / lovesick person
murder as a crime of passion
lit. in the eyes of a lover appears 西施 (idiom); fig. beauty is in the eye of the beholder
(lit.) love aperture / (fig.) interest in love matters
situation / circumstances
intelligence office / intelligence section
sentiment analysis
intelligence / information
feelings change with circumstances (idiom)
emotional intelligence (EQ)
mistress / secret lover / extramarital lover
inspiration in a moment of desperation (idiom) / also written 情急之下
emotional quotient (EQ) / emotional IQ
variant of 情愫
situational model
mythical talking bird / mynah bird
as close as flesh and bones (idiom); deep friendship
feelings deeper than for one's own flesh and blood (idiom) / deep friendship
In the eyes of the lover, a famous beauty (idiom). Beauty in the eye of the beholder
intelligence gathering
emotion / mood
adult shop
unable to refuse because of affection

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