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  *快* | 快* | *快
rapid / quick / speed / rate / soon / almost / to make haste / clever / sharp (of knives or wits) / forthright / plainspoken / gratified / pleased / pleasant
happy / merry
happy / cheerful
fast / high-speed / rapid
quick / fast / nimble / agile / (computer) shortcut
express delivery
pleasure / thrill / delight / joy / pleasurable sensation / a high
fast food / snack / quick meal
Kuaishou, Chinese social video sharing app
bulletin board
nearly at the point of (doing sth); about to (do sth)
express (train, bus etc)
snapshot / photo
to run fast / to sprint / to gallop / Gee up! / Run for it!
quick step
fast food shop
fast-forward (media player)
fast lane
speedboat / motor launch
Los Angeles Clippers (NBA team)
to spur the horse to full speed (idiom) / to go as fast as possible
express delivery / express mail or luggage
fast break / quick attack (ball sports)
(computing) flash memory
unable to keep one's thoughts to oneself / blabbermouth / CL: 張|张
to feel pleased
fast neutrons
to walk quickly / striding quickly
Quickly, tapioca milk tea franchise
letter sent by express mail
fast lane / express lane
cheerful / happy
pleased / elated
instant noodles
(computer) shortcut key / hotkey
snack bar / buffet
fast charging / to fast charge (a device)
lit. quick sword cuts through tangled hemp (idiom); decisive action in a complex situation / cutting the Gordian knot
lit. quick sword cuts through tangled hemp (idiom); decisive action in a complex situation / cutting the Gordian knot
(computing) cache (loanword) (Tw)
pleasure center
(computer) shortcut
clapper talk / patter song (in opera) with clapperboard accompaniment
Happy Camp (PRC TV series)
to trot
(Tw) low-budget eatery
electric kettle (Tw)
advanced stream (in school) / express (train, bus etc)
fast-rewind (media player)
Fast Ethernet
REM sleep
mnemotechnic method
quick buck
pressure cooker (Tw)
to depart as quick as a flash / flash mob
(computing) flash memory
flash mobbers
(computing) flash drive / thumb drive
flash mobbers
speed dating
to do sth more quickly / Hurry up! / Get a move on!
erhua variant of 快點|快点

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