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  *忍* | 忍* | *忍
to bear / to endure / to tolerate / to restrain oneself
cannot help / unable to bear
to bear / to endure
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, US comic book series, first appeared in 1984, also films, video games etc
to have the heart to do sth / to steel oneself to a task
more than one can bear (idiom); at the end of one's patience / the last straw
to endure / to bear with / to exercise patience / to restrain oneself / patience / endurance
to suffer / fig. reluctantly
to exercise forbearance / patient and accommodating
cannot help laughing / unable to restrain a smile
to submit to humiliation (idiom); to suffer in silence / to swallow one's anger / to grin and bear it
to endure humiliation as part of an important mission (idiom); to suffer in silence
to refrain / to be able to endure it
honeysuckle / Lonicera japonica
to resign oneself to part with what one treasures
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Tw) / see 忍者神龜|忍者神龟
patience / fortitude
starving / famished
to endure humiliation
to bear humiliation to save one's skin (idiom)
to eat humble pie / to accept humiliation / to turn the other cheek
to endure humiliation to preserve unity
to bear humiliation to save one's skin (idiom)

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