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treatment / pay / salary / status / rank
  *待* | 待* | *待
to stay
  *待* | 待* | *待
to wait / to treat / to deal with / to need / going to (do sth) / about to / intending to
to await a decision / to be pending
to wait for an opportunity / (electronic devices) standby
to be on call / to be on standby
to treat people (politely, harshly etc)
to be continued
to await job assignment (term used only in mainland China)
(of an expectant mother) to be in labor
the way one treats people
unresolved / awaiting solution
(coll.) to like
under investigation / currently unknown
to sell only for a good price (idiom) / to wait for a good offer
in a moment / later / also pr. [dai1 hui3 r5] or [dai1 hui5 r5]
to be advised / awaiting an answer
to await death / to be a sitting duck
expert in a specialized field such as medicine, divination or chess, available on call to the emperor (in the Tang and Song dynasties)
to-do list
(literary) (of a young lady) to be awaiting betrothal
to be about to
suspended meal (Tw)
DEET (insect repellent) (loanword)
evening primrose

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