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to solicit / to seek / to request (opinions, feedback etc) / to petition
to conquer / to subdue / to vanquish
to levy (a fine) / to impose (a tariff)
  *征* | 征* | *征
journey / trip / expedition / to go on long campaign / to attack
  *征* | 征* | *征
to invite / to recruit / to levy (taxes) / to draft (troops) / phenomenon / symptom / characteristic sign (used as proof) / evidence
to collect / to recruit
to examine the reliability / reliable / credit reporting
long journey / trek / course of an expedition
omen / sign (that sth is about to happen) / warning sign
campaign / expedition
journey / expedition / voyage
to requisition land
to solicit contributions (to a publication)
to expropriate / to commandeer
to look for a partner
to seek new friends through personal ads, dating apps etc
to levy taxes
to levy troops / recruitment
to consult / to query / to solicit opinion
to obtain (permission etc)
to call for entries and select the best / to solicit (entries, submissions, applications etc) / to select (the best candidate) / contest / competition
to conscript / to second (personnel) / to requisition (supplies etc)
to go on a punitive expedition
sign / symptom
to enlist / to draft / to conscript / to appoint to an official position
a punitive expedition / a requisition
to conscript
(Tw) private investigator / credit bureau
horse capable of long expedition / army horse
to go on or send a punitive expedition
horses and wagons for an expedition / vehicles and horses used in battle
levies in kind / grain tax
sign / indication / symptom
to extort taxes
expedition ship
the dust of a long journey
traveler (on a long journey) / participant in an expedition / garrison soldier / new recruit
to invite job applications / to recruit
to mount a punitive expedition against bandits
to recruit
narrative of long journey / campaign record
to extort taxes excessively
pennant used on expedition / war pennant
soldier (in battle)
to seek out the real nature based on the name (idiom); to judge sth at face value
traveler / soldier on expedition / soldier taking part in battle
traveler's clothing / military uniform
scared / badly frightened
traveler's clothing / by extension, traveler

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