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to sum up / to summarize / to conclude from facts / induction (method of deduction in logic)
to return sth / to revert
  *归* | 归* | *归
surname Gui
  *归* | 归* | *归
to return / to go back to / to give back to / (of a responsibility) to be taken care of by / to belong to / to gather together / (used between two identical verbs) despite / to marry (of a woman) (old) / division on the abacus with a one-digit divisor
to file away / to place on file
to belong to / to be affiliated to / to fall under the jurisdiction of / a place where one feels that one belongs / one's final destination (where one need look no further)
to classify / to categorize
sense of belonging
place to return to / home / final destination / ending
the way back / return route
in the final analysis / ultimately
to return to one's original trade / to put (a business etc) under the administration of the relevant central authority / (the) relevant (department in charge of sth)
induction (method of deduction in logic)
to return to one's unit / to go back to one's station in life
to belong to / affiliated to / to result in sth / to incline towards
to assign (to a class) / to classify as / to include
the way back / one's journey home
to go home (to one's native country) / to return from abroad
after all / in the final analysis / ultimately
to go back to one's native place and live in seclusion
to sum up / to conclude / in a nutshell / the end (of a story)
converted to (religion)
to put together / to add / to merge
to give credit / to give sb his due / attribution
to die (Buddhism)
right of attribution
to die / euphemism, lit. to return West or to the Western Paradise
to attribute / to ascribe
to put the blame on / to accuse
to realign one's allegiance (to another religion, ruler etc) / to submit
to put sth back where it belongs / to return to the original position / to return to one's seat (in a classroom)
to die
inductive reasoning
old name for district of Hohhot city 呼和浩特, Inner Mongolia
to turn toward
channel tropism (TCM)
Kueijen township in Tainan county 台南縣|台南县, Taiwan
to bring to justice / to file away (a document)
return trip / homeward journey
attribution theory (psychology)
Chinese person who returns to China after living as an expatriate
to surrender and pay allegiance to
to return to the right path / to mend one's ways / to reform / Reformed (church etc)
to return from pasture
to return home (after a lifetime's absence) / to go back to one's roots
with one's heart set on speeding home (idiom)
(literary) (of a married woman) to visit one's parents
to blame sb
reductio ad absurdum / arguing by contradiction / also called 反證法|反证法
to convert to (a religion) / to rely upon / refuge / mainstay
to go home for a visit / to return to one's parents' home to pay respects
Ground Zero
to commandeer / to take over for the state
to gather / to rake together / to pile up
old name for Hohhot city 呼和浩特, Inner Mongolia
ultimately / in the final analysis / after all / when all is said and done
long division / calculation on the abacus
Kueijen township in Tainan county 台南縣|台南县, Taiwan
religious convert

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