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  *开* | 开* | *开
to open / to start / to turn on / to boil / to write out (a prescription, check, invoice etc) / to operate (a vehicle) / carat (gold) / abbr. for Kelvin, 開爾文|开尔文 / abbr. for 開本|开本, book format
to exploit (a resource) / to open up (for development) / to develop
to open / to start / (computing) to enable
to bloom / to open / to be open (to the public) / to open up (to the outside) / to be open-minded / unrestrained by convention / unconstrained in one's sexuality
to launch / to develop / to unfold / (of an exhibition etc) to open
to begin / beginning / to start / initial / CL: 個|个
to open up (windows for air, ideas for discussion, transportation routes etc)
development zone
to open an account (bank etc)
power switch / gas valve / to open the city (or frontier) gate / to open and close / to switch on and off
to feel happy / to rejoice / to have a great time / to make fun of sb
to announce the winners in a lottery
to open (a conference) / to inaugurate
to open shop
foundation of a University or College / school opening / the start of a new term
beginning / to start
to expand one's financial resources / abbr. for 開放源碼|开放源码
to break new ground (for agriculture) / to open up (a new seam) / to develop (border regions) / fig. to open up (new horizons)
to drive a car
to start an engine / to boot up (a computer) / to press Ctrl-Alt-Delete / to begin shooting a film or TV show
to open a business / to open a practice / open (for business)
to offer (goods or services) / to open (for business etc)
to begin work (of a factory or engineering operation) / to start a construction job
developer (of real estate, a commercial product etc)
to open one's mouth / to start to talk
to initiate / to start / to found
to turn on the light
to commence trading (stock market)
school begins / give a course / teach a subject
to begin / to open / to start / beginning of an event
to start a match / the kick-off
Kaifeng prefecture-level city in Henan, old capital of Northern Song, former provincial capital of Henan / old name Bianliang 汴梁
to bloom / to blossom / to flower / fig. to burst open / to feel happy or elated / new development grows out
to start the servers (for an online game, typically after the system has been shut down for maintenance, upgrade etc)
celebration on opening a business
opening ceremony
to begin a (judicial) court session
to cheat in an online game (abbr. for 開外掛|开外挂) / (coll.) unbelievably good
boiled water / boiling water
to open a door (lit. and fig.) / to open for business
Tang emperor Xuanzong's 唐玄宗 reign name used during the Kaiyuan era (713-741), a peak of Tang prosperity
to draw up (a document)
to open up / to set up / to establish
expenditures / expenses / CL: 筆|笔, 項|项 / to spend money / (coll.) to pay wages
development environment (computer)
to extract (ore or other resource from a mine) / to exploit / to mine
spacious and well-lit / open and clear / (of character) optimistic / cheerful / carefree
to open ballot boxes / to count votes / to make out a voucher or invoice etc / to write out a receipt
to open / to start (a business etc) / to set up
to expel (a member of an organization) / to fire (an employee)
to unlock
wide / open (spaces) / to open up
to expel from the Party
Kaiping county level city in Jiangmen 江門|江门, Guangdong / Kaiping district of Tangshan city 唐山市, Hebei
a good beginning
start / beginning
to start a war / to make war / to battle against
to whet the appetite / appetizing / to amuse oneself at sb's expense / to tease
to open up land (for agriculture)
to hold a meeting / to attend a meeting
to begin shooting (a movie, a scene of a movie etc) / to start the bidding (auction) / to start a trading session (stock market)
to found or start
to begin a lecture / to start on a story
(of a bus, train etc) to leave for / heading for
to found a state / to open a closed country
to open a business / first transaction of a business day
Kaifeng prefecture-level city in Henan, old capital of Northern Song, former provincial capital of Henan / old name Bianliang 汴梁
opening (chess etc) / early stage of game, match, work, activity etc
to open fire / to shoot a gun
development process
to pay (expenses) / expenses / (old) to dismiss (an employee)
book format, similar to in-4°, in-8° etc (a 16-kai format 16開|16 is roughly A4) / abbr. to 開|开
(of a store, stock market etc) to open for trading / to make the first transaction of the day
Cairo, capital of Egypt
Kaifu district of Changsha city 長沙市|长沙市, Hunan
start of literary work / opening song of ballad in Tanci style 彈詞|弹词
to split open / to dehisce (of fruit or cotton bolls, to split open)
to extract a square root
to start / to set in motion / to move / to march / to dig in (eating) / to tuck in (eating)
prologue of play / opening remarks / preamble (of speeches, articles etc)
to play a joke / to make fun of / to joke
development bank
to split heaven and earth apart (idiom); refers to the Pangu 盤古|盘古 creation myth
pistachio nuts / fig. amusing person
to cut into a mountain (to open a mine) / to open a monastery
enlightened / open-minded / enlightenment
Kaiyuan county level city in Tieling 鐵嶺|铁岭, Liaoning
(of a sports competition or match) to commence / (of a war or battle) to break out / to perform acrobatic or choreographed fighting (in Chinese opera) / to brawl / to come to blows
eye-opening ceremony for a religious idol (Buddhism) / to consecrate / to bless / transparent / translucent / haircut / shaving the head or face (humorous) / a method of decoration / first light (astronomy)
to dig out / to excavate / to scoop out
to become civilized / to be open-minded / (of ice) to thaw
to open one's eyes / to widen one's horizons
Kaifu district of Changsha city 長沙市|长沙市, Hunan
to open and close
to open a book / open-book (exam)
to open up a path / to make one's way through / to construct a road / (electricity) open circuit

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